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rhondalyn70November 14, 2007

I live in an apartment building so it cannot be replaced. Its my medicine cabinet that fits right into the wall. In the corners, the mirror (silver part) is all coming off and looks awful. How can I go about covering it up or somehow fixing it? I'm on a small budget with no fancy tools......thx!

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It'd look at the craft store for one of those faux stain glass kits. You can paint on a simple design to co-ordinate with your bathroom and when you move you can remove it with a razor.

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Do you use this medicine cabinet? If not, maybe you could hang a mirror or picture over it. Just a thought. Luvs

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Have a look at wallpaperforwindows.com HD also has a similar product. I think you have to buy a certain amount but might be able to use it on a window as well. Anyhow it's something you can easily remove and take with you. On your mirror you could just use it around the edges to cover the damaged part of the mirror and leave the center open so you can still use it as a mirror.

Another option would be to decoupage decorative corners on the mirror using wallpaper samples and diluted white glue. This would cost next to nothing and could be removed by wetting with hot water.

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I'm wondering if you couldn't also potentially use corner shaped wooden appliques painted to match the mirror or white and glue them in... Hard to say without seeing it, but it's an idea.


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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