Daily laugh!!! (at my life)

imamommyMay 6, 2009

Just for anyone that is amused by the stupidity/drama in my life.....

So, my phone rings today.... it's BM on the caller ID. I ponder for a moment... thinking "what does SHE want?" after all, SD is in school & she can't be calling to talk to SD. But, my curiosity got the best of me and I answered it.

Well, BM IS MAD!!! She just got a call from the school telling her SD is not being fed lunch today! She yells at me "THE SCHOOL SENT YOU AN EMAIL" and I tell her, "no, they didn't. When you set up that account, I told the school to close the account in our name... so no, the school would send YOU the email, not me." Then I tell her she needs to call DH, and ask "why are you calling me? what do you want ME to do about it?" She says she called him and he won't call her back. I tell her he's at work, you know he can't call from work.

I tell her that DH sent her an email that SD will be eating meals at school from now on and she says "well, if YOU don't want to feed SD at home!" and I stopped her with "we don't have a problem feeding her but she doesn't need to eat twice." and she says... "well, I wrote him back that it was only to get a mid morning snack, like an apple to keep her blood sugar up." and again, I told her she needs to talk to DH, that they need to communicate better. I tell her SD didn't eat today so she needs to arrange something with the school for today because we assumed she was taking care of it. She told me she already talked to the lunch lady (made it sound like they were buddies) and said "I told her it was just for a snack and she said that's all SD gets is something to tide her over until lunch." She said she took care of today, they would let her eat but she wasn't going to be able to pay anything until Friday. (yeah right, it's her mom that is going to pay...BM pays for nothing!)

So, I am guessing that the conversation to be brought up later will be BM saying we refuse to feed her poor daughter.. we are neglecting her daughter's health by not feeding her! BLAH!!!

I called the lunch lady and she says she anticipated this when BM set up the other account. I said me too. She says she'll let SD eat today and I will pack her lunch the rest of this week & see if BM pays anything on Friday for next week. She said BM never said anything about SD only being able to get a snack... that she just told BM that it had to be paid because it's getting close to the end of the school year & they are not doing anymore charge accounts. SD is already over by 3 days worth.

Raise your hand if you saw THIS one coming????

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document that mom set up an account but refuse put money in it. present in court. nuts

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I did, I did! ;-)
Waving furiously

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I feel so sorry for this girl. You've said she has food/wieight issues. She needs routine, healthy food, and no sress regarding food. Good luck.

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It IS sad because when SD came home today, I asked her if she trusts me & her dad? She said yes. So, I asked her why she wouldn't tell us about her lunch account? She asked if the school called me.. probing for how much I know. I asked her how it feels and she asked me what did I mean. I said when you know something but you can't tell anyone. She said she feels sneaky when she doesn't tell her dad things. So, I told her we don't want her to feel that way ever. Then she told me she didn't get breakfast yesterday or today. They gave her lunch today because BM and I talked to the lunch lady. (Yesterday, she had a field trip & we packed a sack lunch) So, I let her know that we feel terrible now because we sent her off to school without breakfast today, thinking she was going to eat but she knew from yesterday that she can't use her 'moms' lunch account.

She looked SO relieved to talk about it...

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It was said about pants and it applies here too...
"You can't fix crazy!"

(These people are obviously bonkers)

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Ahhh that is so sad. I feel terrible for her. You know it had to be hard for her to know that and having money problems is the worst. Kids shouldn't have to worry about money or if they eat, just have fun being a kid. One time my son had to eat a B/J sandwich because his account was empty and they wouldn't serve hot lunch to accounts behind. He was so upset, that never happen again.

Have you ever went to buy something and your card is declined for some reason...Sick feeling!!

I know you will watch out for her and make sure she is good!! Maybe pack an extra brownie so she can be OOOOHHHHED instead of AAAAHHHHED!!

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nikemama, what is a B/J sandwich?

You're right, kids shouldn't have to worry about money or where their next meal is coming from. Not sure if you understand the whole story, but DH restricted SD from getting meals @ school because she was buying her friends things. We were feeding her @ home. She told BM & BM set up a 'secret' account in her name so SD could eat at school. The school notified DH of this 'secret' account so he told BM that SD can eat at school, she doesn't need to eat at home and at school. (she's also had weight problems/food issues) We believe BM only did it so DH would throw a fit but he didn't give her that reaction and SD has been eating at school. We have no access to that account so we have no idea what SD is doing.. ie. feeding her friends??? but the account ran out of money & BM is mad that the school called her to put more money in the account... and TRIED to turn it around on us, like WE don't want to feed SD from home. Poor SD is stuck in the middle because either we feed her and she eats twice or we don't feed her & now mom refuses to put money on the account and nobody (BM or SD) tells us the account is overdrawn & she can't eat at school.... it's a no win for SD.

SD didn't want to tell us... probably because it's BM's account and it's supposed to be secret. BM didn't tell us and claims she didn't know. The school didn't tell us because BM set it up so only SHE has access. and I wouldn't have found out except that BM called ME up, trying to pin blame on me/DH... saying the school sent us an email that the account was overdrawn... and saying SHE wrote DH back telling him it was only for SD to get a snack. (the stupid thing is... SD was eating breakfast...whether she got just an apple or a full breakfast, it cost the same. There is no ala carte at breakfast time & that is what SD was eating before we found out)

It is all a game BM is playing to try and keep us engaged in battle... hoping we will strike back and she can play up her victim role... Well, the way she snapped at me in front of the mediator, it's a stretch to see HER as the victim of me!

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Last week, BM was notified by DCSS that he submitted the judgment he got back in January for the attorney fees/medical bills... so DCSS can collect them too. Well, DCSS called DH to tell him BM called up yelling that she has paid those things and has proof. We talked to the attorney who says she hasn't paid anything, she can't have proof....

Well, after BM called me yesterday about the school lunch situation & I got it cleared up with the school... I got my mail. Inside is our invoice for our attorney... but this time, there's also a letter from our attorney to BM (our copy) Basically, she is telling BM that she (our attorney) received a call from DCSS because BM told DCSS that she has paid $300 and has receipts from the attorney. Our attorney goes on to tell her that she has NOT received ANY payments and there is no way BM has any proof that she paid anything and gave her the balance w/ interest. I guess BM had told the attorney she was going to start making payments and asked that statements be sent to her each month, which the attorney had been doing. (which won't happen again... I'm a little upset that BM would get copies of what WE owe and whenever the attorney does work for US. But, apparently DH authorized it back when BM said she would make payments)

Then I glance at our bill. There it is. There's a $100 payment that DH made a couple of weeks ago. and it hits me... BM has been getting copies of our attorney statements showing DH's payments and she is going to claim to DCSS that SHE made those payments!!! Well, I am speechless. DH is livid. and DCSS will get a copy of that letter.

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It just keeps getting better.

I'm guessing your hubby has some documentation that HE is the one who made the payments? Cancelled checks, bank transfers? It might be a good idea for him to provide those pre-emptively so BM's claims won't hold up for even a day.

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what is DH making payments for? attorney fees/medical bills? I am lost.

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We still owe our attorney over $3000 on OUR attorney bill. BM was ordered to pay $1000 of it directly to our attorney as a penalty for not turning in a completed income/expense declaration and failing to bring proof of her income/or show up at the last hearing. She was penalized $500 each time.

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"You can't fix crazy!"

Can I get a Amen. (Insert soulful gospel music here.)

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ha, the latest.. (how I get anything done is beyond me...)

DCSS sent DH an email that they are not collecting on his Judgment... reprimanded him for even turning it in and said BM gave them proof she paid the medical bills.

am I in the twilight zone???

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