MCM Time Capsule

Annie DeighnaughAugust 9, 2014

Here is a link that might be useful: Tulsa 50s ranch

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Wow, this is amazing. I can just picture it in it's heyday--ashtrays, highball glasses and all. Whenever I see time capsules likes this I say a little prayer that the new owner's will preserve it as is. But I doubt that's too realistic.

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I like the overall house, but googie isn't really my favorite form of modernism and for some reason I find some of the colors a bit oppressive. But I think some of those things could be changed pretty subtly without much impact.

What you couldn't really do is try to alter the kitchens and baths stylistically without making a mess.

One other thing: look at how this house (and lots of other houses from this era) sits in it's environment. This isn't a small house (2300), but it's not trying to take command of its site. Contrast this with the popular current builds that are smaller but trying to *Look so much bigger and more "impressive".

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I like houses that hunker down in their surrounds like pal says. Get rid of the carpets and do some painting and it would be a real gem.

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I agree. Remove carpets, and there is little else to do.

Wish it were here.

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The green/blue (whatever colour that is) in the main living area is grating on me but that is an easy change. I want the kitchen.

I could live in this house.

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Love it!

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I wish that house were around here! All I would do is paint some of those walls-a little too much color in some spots for me.

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Love, love, love. Thank you for sharing, this house is just fabulous - I am house shopping right now and if this was available where I live it would be a contender, providing I could afford it. MCM is very popular here and an MCM house like this would likely be quite pricey. I love the blue-green, would probably refresh the house a little bit here and there but in keeping with the MCM style.

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