Amazing what you can find at second hand....

luv4petsNovember 20, 2009

Walked into a second hand shop, saw a pine headboard for a double bed and had a vision.....This is the beginning of my new fireplace mantle......the wood is solid pine and for only 24.99 can't beat that.....

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It looks good. Did you cut the flat part in half?. It looks so tall. taller than a regular headboard. You are so clever. Wow amazing. I wish I had such a knack for visualizing things. Congratulations
Heck too bad you dont have junk pickup. You could have gotten it free. I resold some, even solid oak ones for $5 to $7.

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Wonderful reuse!! I didn't have a mantel either & DH came home with fancy things(4 corbels) shortly before Christmas 1 yr & I asked what he was going to do with those. Thought it was something left over from job at work(sometimes customer's changed their minds) but I soon found out DH was making me 2 mantels 1 for each side of fireplace. The fireplace is light colored stone up to the ceiling. DH had them up & stained fruitwood to match furniture & I decorated them that Christmas & every yr since!! That was my Christmas gift!I love a mantel!! Your's gives your fireplace a lot of personality!! And they are so fun to change or decorate also! Enjoy your treasure!!Jan

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That really looks great. Looks like it was made for the spot...

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Very creative and looks great!

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TwoMonths time you see a fancy table....look at the end. They make good mantles also.

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I was watching TV Black Friday & they showed this really great place & cute stuff 99 cents & $1.99, I grabbed a pen & got ready to write, camera went back & showed broad view of place & it was St. Paul something something thrift shop. It was so neat & had better looking racks then lot of regular stores. It's down in L.A. & I don't go down there any more. Our local TS's are not anywhere near that cheap. Jeans are $4.99 up. I used to get King sized flat sheets to wrap around my orange tree to protect the fruit for $1.98. They are $2.98 & few higher. Anyway I thought I might have new store to shop at, guess not. Sure did look better than some stores in Valley, no clothes on floor, very neat racks, great place to shop if you were nearby. I'm hoping we get a Habitat for Humanity resale store nearly. Nearest is about 20-25 miles away they have some neat stuff from what I've seen on GW sites! Jan

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It sounds like 'St Vincent DePaul' (sp).
We have 2 locations here, and I go about once a month
to at least one of them. They do have good prices,
but the last couple of times it seems thay might
have gone up some. I hope not!!!
Habitat, here, is very expensive on most things.
I noticed that other folks are getting great buys
where they are. I know the Goodwill sites in Indiana
are a lot chearper than the 2 we have here.

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Nonacook, yes that was name of it. I've never seen a TS that was so neat & had such great looking stuff. We went to Ross store(kind of like Marshall's) to look for something, it was dangerous, mom walks with 4 prong cane, stuff all over the floor,shoes towels, rugs, used to be such a fun place to shop, now it's a junk shop & most of items have footprints on them or are just dirty. Hardly any carts & they are full of stuff waiting to be put out (& blocking the aisles), guess I should write to management but doubt it would do any good. K-Mart got like that & they are gone from the Valley now. 1 in Santa Clarita.San Fernando & Van Nuys have GW stores & prices have gone up. Salvation Army left San Fernando so only 1 is in Northridge/Granada Hills. It's pretty good!

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Love your mantel and the art above it really looks good, too.

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I am new to this site and I actually accidently found it, :) but I couldnt be happier. I just realized I have been reading all these wonderful ideas for the past 2 hours...I have a feeling I may have to check out a GW today :) Thank you all.

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Love what you did! Nice find.

I love my local thrift store. I haven't bought a surface to paint at a retail craft store in years...don't need to! I find the best surfaces to paint (and unique ones at that)at the TS.

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