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erhoff2000May 4, 2012

I am remodeling my kitchen and going for a transitional, timeless approach. White cabinets, bianco antico granite countertops, white subway tile backsplash and dark wood floors. I want to do a framed mosiac over my range for some depth and visual interest, but don't want to do anything that will be outdated soon or compete with countertops. I'm planning on using 1 by 1 inch pearl (clear) and sable (brown) colored glass tiles in a 24 by 12 inch frame.

Can anyone offer me advice on a design? I was thinking alternating 3 of the same tiles to try and mimic the subway tile pattern, but seems like a "trick your eye" picture.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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ERHOFF - Sorry I can't help you on this, cuz my work is so off-the-wall crazy I just can't comment on your nice and tidy sounding mosaic. Hoping someone else w/help you here, but in the meantime, why doncha do some Googling for mosaic designs. There's tons of designs for inspiration out there.

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I feel your pain! I want to do a timeless and transitional look as well- thinking subway glass tile for the whole kitchen or 2x4 subway ceramic and possibly a mosaic area about the sink (there is no window over the sink in our kitchen and that area has a bigger area than above the stove.... These 2 links I am adding from a designer's blog have been most helpful to me... She can sound a little harsh sometimes, but she makes some really good points I think. and

"I always tell my clients that it's the colour and accessories that pull a space together. Unless you are someone who plans on replacing your tiles every 5 years, it's better to keep them neutral as they are so expensive and messy to replace." is the best quote from her.

The pearl and the brown do sound like the best color choices to still stay "neutral" while adding some design element. I am debating whether to do something like that as well because I like a little flash and the idea of only subway sounds boring to me, even though it can look nice! But then I am reminded from her article that I can get decor and change it as I please unlike tile... I have heard a number of people regret that they did all over mosaics after a few years (what I had wanted to do in the beginning but am now definitely not going to do) but don't know of anyone who has done the mosaic in the area of over the stove/ and or sink only. In pictures that I have seen I have either loved it or hated it (based on the color choice) So obviously whatever you choose you know you will love so that won't be a problem, and you will know whether or not you will still love it in 5 years... If you plan on keeping the house as your forever house you can't go wrong! We may or may not be keeping this house so that part is really weighing on me as to what to do. I would love to add a neutral mosaic large square area over the sink but fear that maybe that will become something of a dated thing to do- but sadly I'm not a psychic so I just don't know! Mosaics have been around and popular for thousands of years though! I just cringe when I think of the pink mosaic tile we had in our bathroom growing up haha, I know it was the "in" thing at the time, but definitely not now, so I don't want that to be me! I probably haven't helped you at all I'm sorry, but just know that there is someone else out there wrestling with the same decisions as you :)

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jillianfl: Glad to know I'm not the only one! I decided against the mosaic over the range and decided to use the same subway tiles but place them in a herringbone pattern. It will be framed by a thin sable (brown) glass tile, and then a white chair rail tile for depth. The rest of the backsplash will be white subway brick pattern. I hope it works out!

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