Clear Liquid Nails Didn't Hold Up

ringaroundtherosieMay 13, 2009

I have made several mosaic bowling balls for different people over the years, and some of them are ruined. Apparently the clear liquid nails glue didn't hold up outside in the heat and sections of the grout and glass fell off. This lady brought hers back to me a few weeks ago to "fix", and I don't think there is any fixing it. It was a fundraiser for our church, and she paid $50 for it. I've made several for myself using the Liquid Nails, and they are just fine after three years in the heat and sun. Last year when someone told me this had happened to their mosaic ball, I started using GE II Silicone adhesive and so far so good with it. What should I tell this lady??? Has anyone else had trouble with the Clear Liquid Nails on outside mosaics? Now I'm wondering how many other ones this has happened to but they just didn't want to tell me.

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I've never used anything except the GE11 for balls since that happened to me on one ball. I put little flat rocks on one and within about a year they all fell off when it rained.. and I had sealed it. what a mess that was...I know it costs me abut $50 just to make one with the glass squares... you might have to make her a new one using GE11, don't know what other alternative there would be.

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How long ago did she buy that ball? I would hope that they last, but I've heard tales of them lasting about three years. I used GE Silicone II on the only one I've done, as I've been gathering all the information I can about adhesives with just this concern in mind. Thank you for the information about Liquid Nails. I'm sorry it happened to you. *:(

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A lot of elbow grease can clean it up if you want to save the bb. Liguid nails isn't for outside. GEII is the best IMO. Sorry this had to happen to you on a bb for a charity function. I would also do another bb for the lady using GEII.


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I have used Clear Liquid Nails on my penny bowling ball and penny fountain about 4 or 5 yrs ago and haven't lost a thing off them. There could have been a break in the grout and water got under your tiles and caused them to fall off. I would think that you could clean this one up and fix the part that fell off of do as Kat suggested and make her another one. I now use GEII for bowling balls and metal but thinset on everything else. Good luck.

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We had the mosaic bowling ball fundraiser before Mother's Day in 2007. The ones I have in my yard are just fine; that's why I don't understand this, and I used clear liquid nails on them. I did all the grouting, so it was done in the same manner. I do remember tinting the grout with some green acrylic paint on the one the lady brought to me for repair. I wonder if that had anything with weakening the grout. Well, anyway I guess I'll tell her I'll do another one for her using GE II Silicone sealant since I can't repair the other one. I won't need to clean the glue off the ball because a local bowling alley donates bowling balls to me from a high school bowling class. When the kids are done, they donate the balls to the owner of the bowling alley, and he has more than he knows what to do with, so he donates them to me. Lucky me. Thanks for all our kind words. Live and Learn they say.

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