well my art was delivered to the gallery:)

mojojojogrlnjNovember 10, 2006

here is what I sent for my first gallery exibit:) a shutter shelf...a picture of lighthouse a quilt window, my roses 5cent and my bird pic...the head person at the gallery loved my lighthouse quilt, and shutter shelfs....the other shabby chic didnt get the rave reviews like the others, but it still hasnt hit down south as much as it is up north....anyway here are the photos...wish me luck!

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Again - CONGRATULATIONS MOJO - The windows are gorgeous. As I said, I've seen the quilted windows before but your's is fantastic, love those colors. Now, that shutter shelf, is beautiful. Mine too has the vine in that area and it just makes it pop out so much more. You've done a great job on all of them. GOOD LUCK!


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Good Grief! Those are wonderful. Are the two top ones painted? Good work. Congratulations on an exhibit.

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That's great! I'd love to go to a art gallery that was ALL trash to treasure stuff.

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Oh My god!!! A galery showing! That is amazing!
I'm so excited for you!!!

Wow!!!! let us know how that went!


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Thanks all,

crafty, you gave me the idea thanks so much..... that shutter shelf is actually the whole shutter all hardware included....I got lucky and bought 36 vintage plantation shutters for 25.00....one side of shutter is louvered and the other is paneled....i think the age of them is mid 1800...

lydia.. I would love to own a store where I could get people to create trash into treasure and sell or display works....hmmm what do you think of the name Elegant relic lol

Hazie I will let you know how everything goes...my whole christmas will be busy since if i sell one piece I have to replace it asap ....sad part is no check for work until mid jan....

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