Ugly, But I 'Think' I See Something

beth0301November 14, 2011

I came upon this dresser on craigslist. It's, ugh, not my taste. It's dated and has those country/70's-80's wheat waterbed embossings, just not at all something I'd normally even give a second look to.

But, for some reason, here I am. I'm wondering if the wheat couldn't be filled in with putty and sanded smooth. I'm wondering if the whole piece couldn't be crackle painted and new hardware put on.

I'm wondering if it couldn't become a newly single lady's dresser, makeup & hair fixing stand (I see hot rollers and makeup and such being easily & quickly shoved back behind those doors)

Does anyone else see this being cute with a few changes or am I just sleep deprived and desperate for a cheap project piece?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nice piece, wish I'd found it. I need more cabinets/storage in my kitchen and this would be perfect. The wheat motif would fit in too. Wheat, bread, food,...
Personally I wouldn't try to cover the motif, I think it would stick out like a sore thumb. Crackle painting would minimize it but yet the motif would offer relief from the "crackle". A little of that goes a long way with me.
The hair salon I use has old dressers and vanities for all the work and display stations. It works well and gives a nice feel to the place.
Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!

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I decided to go with another piece, though this one does have appeal in a weird way.

Hopefully someone will snatch it up .... it's a bargain at $20

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I think it would be wonderful with paint and new knobs.

I can see where it would be good as is in someone's kitchen too.

$20! I have to pay more attention to craigs list.
Real wood furniture is the best, and it sure is expensive new nowadays.


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i too, was thinking it'd look great with a fun paint job and new knobs/handles.
i was also wondering if the 2 front cupboards (the boxes w/the wheat motifs on it)could be cut off.
i would definitely find something to do with that piece of furniture.
it looks solid and heavy!

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