Curb Find Table Turned Desk~

soovhappyNovember 18, 2006

Bringing my son's friend over to spend the night last spring, I spotted this desk and whipped over to the curb to squeeze it in my suv. I'm pretty sure I earned "Most Embarrassing Mom" that evening worked for me. lol! The things we won't do for a "new" desk, eh? This old table fits the bill. :-)


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NICE TABLE! I would have whipped my car off to the side of the road, too, for that one! LOL

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What a lovely room and I can't believe how wonderfully you transformed that table from real trash to a treasure. You are very good at decorating as well. That's one of the prettiest of offices I've ever seen.

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I wasn't able to view all the photos, but I did see the final top of the table. Just gorgeous!! You are very talented!

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It was such fun doing that table that I thought I'd share. I just love that Tatoauge!

lorettaf,glad to know I am not alone. lol

slowmedown, thank you for the nice compliment. I had fun with my home office and the desk was my favorite thing to do.

lydia1959, glad you got to see the top! Thank you, too!

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I did look at your whole photo albumn and I must tell you SooV, you sure are one talented lady. Your office and the rest that I saw were exquisite. You have a very lovely home from what I saw in the pics. The desk, I can see you labored hard over refinishing it. May I please ask, what is the rose decal you used for the top of it? I know I'm going to misspell this so I will sound it out when writing it - Is the decal that "tutoupauge" I've seen on QVC? It comes in sections and you use a wooden stick like a popsicle stick to rub over it onto a wall or your piece such as your desk? It has transformed that curb side table into a beautiful, very delicate looking desk. As for the small file cabinet, again, you sure are talented. It's so lovely and fits so perfectly in your office. I awed over the bulletin board made from corkboard and the frame. I have two of those same frames I curb shopped and I wondered what I was going to do with them, now I know. The push pins with the glued on half-marbles, how ingenious to turn something ordinary into something so cute. (I'm running out of words here-LOL.) Your drapes with the petals at the top, matching chair, you sure have a great way of making things look like you spent tons of $$ on them-WOW!! The prom coursages in the glass jars, I'm in awe.

I apolgize this is so long and want to say, if I missed describing how beautiful a particular piece turned out please know I actually studied your pics and your talent. Your home gives me inspiration to do more in my own home to make it even more lovelier (I decorate country style.) As I said, now I know with with a little hard(er) work and inspriation you can truly get what you want out of something you found. Thank you.


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OH, Sal, what a lovely thing to say. I truly appreciate it. Our home is very small...1340 square feet. I just love finding things and working with them. Yes, the tatouage is what you see on QVC but I found the roses on ebay and faux painted around them.

The bulletin board was fun as well. Is Ballard Designs crazy with pricing or what?!? It was nice to duplicate that for pennies so I'm happy that you like it. The file cabinet was a, hmmmmm, what can I do with this thing. lol!

I wish you great luck on your home projects. Just jump in with both feet on one room and work from there. I'm glad you found some inspiration as I love decorating, too! I have several albums on that site so click on albums if you'd like to see more. I've been a member here on the Garden board for over five years but forgot about it and just came back. I think since you mentioned the decor, perhaps I should post on the Home Decorating site?

Thank you again!

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Hi SooV, I don't know what Ballard Designs is, I'll guess it is a store with high prices. I have a small home also and a small yard but it's enough for me to take care of both inside and out. I've had this house for 16 years now and I still say I "love" my home. After more country decorating in the past couple of years, it's like a new house. I have several items I've curb shopped and they are still just sitting waiting for me to do something with them, about three beds for benches (I'd keep one and either give away or sell the other), etc., etc. It's a lot of work for one person and well, I just do what I have to do. I will certainly look at your other albumns.


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Craftylady-2006, here's a link to Ballards and the inspiration to my cork message board.

I hear you on the space issue. Like you, I've done almost all of it myself as it's my fun time. My DH was diagnosed with cancer on September 6th, so he's not able to help me as much as before. It feels good to get things done and my DH loves that I continue doing things I enjoy. He's doing well, though and we hope chemo answers our prayers.

Keep doing what you can and yahoo on the country decor. I've always been a fan of things old and well loved. I look forward to seeing your photos.


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Wow..I checked out your photos and am very impressed with your many talents! Yor are an inspiration for anyone who wonders what the heck to do with that chair, or table or piece of fabric or even those flat marbles! Think outside of the box! I love everything you have done.

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SooV - I do hope your hubby gets well very soon. It can be a very trying time in both of your lives, you and he both hang in there.

Thanks for the Ballard Design site, WOW, a $499 bulletin board, I don't think so. Even the $49 one blows me away. I would rather punch a hole in my wall with an over sized nail than spend good money on "cork." LOL


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Morninglori, someone suggested I return the chair to the homeowner's porch as a surprise. I don't think so lol, but wouldn't it be a hoot? ;->

Sal, thank you for the good thoughts. "I would rather punch a hole in my wall with an over sized nail than spend good money on cork." I hear ya, sista! ROFL!!!


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