What to do with large round boxes

HIWTHINovember 29, 2011

that either Oatmeal or Finish automatic dish shop come in. Does anyone have any craft idea's for the holidays to decorate these boxes? Thanks so much.

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HIWTHI- Maybe a nutcracker? Could use scrapbook paper to make different sections for legs,chest/arms,head/hat. Or a "Smores" looking marshmallow snowman.Could maybe use paint or decoupage to cover. Just a thought. Good luck,Kim:)

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I don't know why, but i've never forgotten the oatmeal box 'purse' my Mom made for me when I was about 5~i'm almost 70 now! Guess some things just stick in your head. Anyway, she made 2 slits in the lid, and one on two sides of the box to line up with the 2 in the lid. She used a shoelace, put it thru the slits in the sides and brought it up to the slits in the lid and tied the ends inside. The lid slid up and down~is this making any sense?LOL She covered it with fabric, and it's one of those things i've never forgotten~~or the crepe paper ballet costume she sewed on the sewing machine.

And I never thought of my Mom as 'crafty'. ;o)

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I once took the oatmeal box and cut it about in half leaving both ends intact, and you now have a cradle for a small doll or teddy bear. Cover with pretty wall paper etc.. I also just cover the boxes with contact paper and use to store lots of misc. stuff,

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What wonderful creative ideas. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

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I couldn't think of anything when I first saw this and noticed there were answers so checked back. I love the oatmeal box purse! How wonderful of your mom, pattycakes. And she sewed crepe paper on her machine. She was ahead of her time as the scrapbookers started sewing paper too. Perfect for doll cradles too.

You could probably make lanterns if you used the little faux candles inside. they don't get hot.


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Kathy, that's a great idea. Thanks

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Round boxes make great drums. Paint and glue rope in the typical zig zag pattern and add trim if desired. You can then use it to set a small Xmas tree on to raise the height. If you have graduated sizes you can stack to form a Xmas tree and make two to flank an entry way of to fill a cubby hole. Spray them gold, and while still wet sprinkle glitter. Glue gun them together and then tie a pretty ribbon(twice) around all with a huge bow on top as the "star".


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