Tips for refinishing this?

oceannaNovember 18, 2007

I just found this coffee table on Craigslist -- for $8!!!

It has paint on the top, and some scratches and a few little places where the wood is lifted up a little. I have my little orbital sander out ready to go tomorrow (if the rain holds off and I can do it on the deck). I do believe the piece is solid oak, but I'm wondering if it's veneered on the top just by the slight raising up in places. There is also a bit of scuffing on the edges and the feet.

Do you please have any tips for how to turn this back into the beauty it used to be?

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this table is perfect for that shabby chic look...scratches and dings just wonderful can go get the ivory distress kit at wallmart if youve never shabby chiced its so easy....anyway post a pic after your done whatever you decide

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Thanks for your reply. This is a gift for my son and he's not into shabby chic. I've been sanding the top and it's not perfectly blended yet... the damaged spots still show up as slightly blonder irregular patches. Do I need to blend them completely with sanding, or will the stain handle that? I'm a little afraid there is veneer on the top and of going through it.

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I think those tables were solid oak, no veneer. I actually like some dings and gouges in the wood myself--just gives it more "history". ;o) I think just a good sanding to make the top nice and smooth again and then a new coat of poly or varnish should do it. It looks like a nice sturdy table. Luvs

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Thanks. I finished sanding it. I had to sand it because it had some raised places and some deep scratches, not just because someone decided to use it as a painting bench several times.

The bottom of the table is solid and the top is veneered. I stained it tonight and have put on the first coat of tung oil. It's not perfect and I didn't dare sand any deeper. There are a few small scratches and dings still showing, but nothing glaring -- just enough for a little patina. It looks about a billion percent better than it did. I'm really happy! I sure hope my son loves it as much as I do. I think he's going to be very surprised at this gift and it will look wonderful in his home.

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I think it looks great as-is. (or was)Looks very heavy...and nice with your floor.

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Thanks, Ashli. The top was pretty rugged when I got it. It had quite a bit of paint on it. I could have just stripped that. But I had to sand because it had gouges and raised places as well. That didn't show in the picture above. I've applied my third coat of tung oil now and it's getting shinier with every coat. I hope my son loves it! He's getting it early as I have no place to store it... right now it's in the middle of my kitchen. I'm not even sure how I'm going to get it over there. I told him today he's going to have to come and get his present. lol

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