Tea cup & saucer suggestions please?

kittymommyNovember 11, 2005

I have some tea cups and saucers that belonged to my Grandmother. I would like to do something creative with them and give to all of her grandaughters. I thought about making candles with them but they are very light weight and I think the heat of a candle might shatter them. I am the only one interested in gardening and nature so turning them into bird feeders wouldn't work. Does anyone have any any suggestions for another use of tea cups and saucers?

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On HGTV, there is a teacup photo holder that is real cute. go to HGTV, Carol Duval Eps. CDS1230. See if that works.

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I love china tea cups. There is a lady in Georgia who takes the tea cup and saucer, places it in a box and adds a card with a sentiment that matches up with the person receiving the gift. Example, for a daughter who needs encouragement, she writes a short story of the first time she saw her face as a babe and her dreams for her future. For a grand daughter, you could write about a memory of the grand daughter and the grandmother, or include a poem - there are so many talented poets in our groups I am sure they would come up with one. Include a bag of the grand mother's favorite tea. My sister and I have tea at 3 pm every Christmas Day, she lives in New York and I in Florida.

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I have seen a beautiful pin cushion made with a cup & saucer. Wadding was put in the cup and covered with pretty fabric and glued in. The cup was glued to the saucer. Very effective.

A floating candle would not be too hot in a teacup so you could include a few of those with instructions to add a flower when using. I have bought some lovely big brandy balloons from the op shop (is that what you call charity shops?), which I use with floating candles for dinner parties etc. Gives a beautiful glow.

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I collect also, but mine sit on a shelf and I enjoy just looking at them. If you really want to make something out of them, how about a 'candleier'? Find an old light fixture from a swapmeet/fleamarket/thrift store~it has to have 'arms'. Remove all the wiring, and take apart enough to remove the part that the lightbulb screws into. Put it back together, and with heavy duty glue/adheisive, afix the saucers, and then the cups. You can try a votive in a cup before starting the project to make sure it can take the heat, or you can just use tealights. I saw this at the Rosebowl fleamarket, and it sold for $150. OUCH!


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I make candle holders from some of mine.


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A small flower arrangement " a petite size" is precious in a tea cup.

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I gave some this year for Thank you gifts. I baked these dainty cookies, put them in a small cellophane bag, tucked this and a tea bag in the cup, wrapped the whole thing and ta da! They looked sweet.

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Oh my!!!! You all are such a talented and creative group! I would have never thought of these ideas. I can't thank you enough. Now I have several I want to try!!!! That photo of the candle holder is just lovely!!!!

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Thanks, Sandy! I saw your photo of the upended cup and saucer candleholder and got out one of my cups and saucers from the set of china we got when we got married. I had given the plates away to my son when he got out of college, but he didn't and we don't drink coffee from cups and saucers, so they're in mint condition. Anyhow the candleholder looks so sweet in my window, I'm reminded of those olden days when we were young and foolish, and that 60s color combo of turquoise and lime green is once again fashionable. Thx for the idea!

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I love the candle holder idea! Last night on HGTV (I think) they made Tree ornaments by gluing the cup to the saucer, then filling the cup with small glass ball ornaments, glued in. It was hung from a ribbon tied through the handle. You can glue the balls in so they look like they are spilling out. Not really my...ahem...cup of tea, but would look nice with the right decor!


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I have made trinket boxes with some I had for craft shows and gifts.

You draw around the top of the cup, on a piece of cardboard, to get the circle size.

Pad the circle and cover it with a fabric that looks pretty with the flower on the cup. You can put narrow lace around it and then finish it off with a piece of felt or other fabric that doesn't ravel on the inside. But before you glue the finishing circle on, take a piece of ribbon aprox 16 inches long, fold it in the center. Take the folded end and glue or sew to the bottom side of the cardboard. Then glue the finish piece. Tie the ribbon around the handle of the cup and the ribbon becomes a "hinge"

You can keep rings or whatever inside the teacup.

I glued the cup to the saucer, you can decide if you want to or not.
Then I glued small roses on the saucer with a dainty tea spoon.

If that doesn't make sense and you'd like to try it but want more instructions email me and I'll see if I can help.


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Hi I have seen cups and saucers in a wreath. Whatever the pic is of is the theme. Like Victorian etc.

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I just put potpourri in them and scatter them all around the house.

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I've made a few of the pincushions using porcelain cups and saucers found at the thrift shops. I glue them together with a glue called Clear Glass on Glass Adhesive, I believe it's used to glue glass tiles to mirrors. I bought this online at MisterArt.com
I also used a tiered candle holder and placed little tea light candles inside the cups. I colored these clear crystal cups with pink glass paint(also bought at misterart.com, and glued them onto the tiered metal candle holder floor stand. Since it had staggered tiers, I glued a wire birdcage on the tallest tier and put a pretty porcelain fairy inside, surrounded with silk flowers. I was debating whether it should go in the last garage sale pile, but I thinkg this one will hang around a bit longer.

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