What kind of Outlet Covers will look Good?

ideamomMay 26, 2009

My sweet hubby installed the tumbled marble backsplash this weekend. We still need to grout and install outlet covers. I don't want cheap plastic covers...so was curious do they make tumbled marble covers? Open to suggestions.

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The store where we bought most of our light fixtures also sold outlet covers. Although they were plastic they were made to look like many different types of stone and tile. I was fooled when I first glanced at them and had to actually touch them to see that they were really plastic. Because we had no need for something like this I never found out if a local artisan made them or whether they are a readily available product. I think your local lighting store might be a good place to start to try to find the look you want. HTH.

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Yes they do make stone and stone look covers but they are not inexpensive. The travertine look ones in the link are resin. However, if you only have a several outlets that need them whats a few hundred more bucks in a kitchen remodel :) (compared to a few dollars for plastic:)

You could also get some wood ones from SwitchHits and finish them to match your cabinets. They are low profile wood, not like the ones that look like they were made in Shop class.

As a default metal to match your appliances or hardware would also work

Here is a link that might be useful: GraniteSwitchPlates.com

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Our local tile store also showed me covers that were stone look. I never felt them to see if they were faux stone (aka plastic painted with stone look paint). They sure looked real enough to me.

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Wow,those stone covers sure are expensive! I could go with wood covers and paint them the color of the cabinets or maybe stainless steel covers. Another idea I had was trying to make some that look like the tumbled marble. I was thinking of using some texture wall stuff on the cheap plastic cover and then painting it the color of the tumbled marble. I don't know if it will work...but I may try it. I just can't bring myself to pay $30-$50 per outlet cover!

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I was just at home Depot picking one more SS cover plate for my kitchen. I noticed they had several that were paintable, the also had several that look like stone and were reasonable- I think under $10. I didn't have my camera w/me so can't send a pic but perhaps they have it online.


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I had wondered if anyone has checked out the Michaels Craft Store in their woodworkers section to see if they had wood switchplates that could be painted?

Wow, I had no idea of the price of the stone ones, just that the tile place carried them.

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I have a slate tile backsplash and painted wood outlet plates with craft paints to match. (please ignore the white outlets, they will be changed out to dark brown - someday)

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I don't have any suggestions for your outlook covers, but your DH did an awesome job with your backsplash. It looks beautiful. You must be so proud of him!

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Try this site:

"Marble switch plates and outlet plate covers make a unique finishing touch to any back splash, especially tumbled marble switchplates on a tumbled marble back splash. We make all varieties of custom marble switch plates and marble electrical outlet covers."


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Its a LOT of money, I know, but how much more will it add to the entire budget of the kitchen. I am just being devil's advocate, not scolding.

I run across this when I help clients with individual things sometimes...when it was part of the whole budget
it didnt make much difference, but when they have to buy something individually, they have sticker shock. (and rightly so). I have had clients buy four cheap lampshades for a lamp only to finally say, okay you're right, spend $100 and get one made...

If you need ten and its $300, and the kitchen was $30,000--thats one percent of the budget.

Do you want to potentially cheapen the look of the backsplash with ordinary $2.00 covers?

Just something to think about...the plastic, wood,or SS covers may work fine.

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ideamom, your backsplash is gorgeous! I saw these at home depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: wall plate

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Wow, that is a great find at Home Depot.

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I have those exact same Home Depot wallplates in my guest bath. They look very nice in person, not cheap-looking and the price was definitely right!

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