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tymDecember 22, 2000

Ok, I'm marrying a vegan. I'm "converting" because he has shown me the light!

All fun aside, I got a question: Did any of you get any grief from your minister, pastor, rabbi, priest, shaman... etc?

My fiancee's grandfather is a minister and is performing our ceremony. We haven't met with him yet and I'm worried he is going to say something about my fiancee not eating meat. I'm not even sure what he might say, just a thought that's been in the back of my mind...

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Jenny S

Hi Tym -

Haven't I seen you over at the Marriage Forum? I'm absolutely devastated that it's been poofed...

Anyway, kudos to you for your 'conversion', and congrats on your upcoming marriage...have fun!

To answer your question - no, we didn't get any grief re our dietary choices...mainly because since my parents paid for the wedding, I decided to let them have their way and offer a chicken entree at the reception. In our invitations, we specified on the return card that a vegetarian dinner was available. It was a workable compromise.

If you get any grief re the spiritual aspect (although I can't see any religious objections to vegetarianism), just tell your fiance's Grandpa that it's likely that up until the Flood, people WERE vegetarians. In the book of Genesis, G*d tells Adam & Eve that they may have all the fruits, veggies and grains in the world to eat - nowhere is meat mentioned. It's only after the Flood that G*d specifically told Noah and his family that they were entitled to eat meat. It's all in there - check it out.

Have fun planning your wedding!

-- Jenny

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Hey, I found a great website - jesusveg.com - its great!
There is some wonderful info there that will help me.
For our reception, we decided straight vegetarian menu. No meat!!! And no former "sea vegetables" (no fish)! LOL
We're paying half and my parents could care less about what the food is like, as long as its good! This is our chance to show the other meatheads in the family that vegies are yummy!

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Dear Tym:

Vegetarianism is neither Christian nor non-Christian. It can, however, be ethical and compassionate, which is Christian. Therefore, if your minister says anything, it's more likely to be approving than not. Since Christianity does not teach that holiness or salvation is to be gained by virtue of your actions (ie. what you eat or drink), but rather, through the grace of God leading to repentance and a change of life, your eating habits are of no interest, religiously. And Jenny, Cain's offering was vegetables, Abel's was a lamb (Genesis 4:4); this was pre-flood, so I don't agree with your interpretation (although it was post-fall, so perhaps that's what you were getting at). Also, after the resurrection, Jesus asked if anyone had any meat (to prove that He was not simply a ghost). Plus, there's Paul's whole vision about the clean/unclean meats in Acts. So. Whatever you do, let it be of faith, for whatever is not of faith is sin. If your conscience suggests that less meat is better, as mine does, by all means follow it.

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