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beth0301October 12, 2010

I need a new loveseat for my sitting room. I have virtually no budget and I'm really picky about the color because it has to match the fabrics I already have in the room. So, after searching, with no luck, craigslist and the thrift stores for an almost free loveseat that doesn't stink, have holes or big rips, I'm ready to go in another direction.

I have a crib up in the attic that is made to convert to a child's daybed. It's my daughter's, but she sleeps in our room because we don't have enough bedrooms. It'll likely be another year or two before she gets a room so in the meantime, it's just sitting up there gathering dust.

My idea is to cut the legs down a bit so it's the right height and use it as a loveseat. I'd make a couple of fitted sheets for the mattress and a back cushion and couple of throw pillows. It would match the style of the room perfectly, so much better than any regular loveseat I would ever find. I already have enough of that fabric to do it all, the project would be virtually free and I think would look really cool.

Problem is, DH is extremely visual. He can't imagine anything if he can't see an example. I'm sure someone somewhere has done this before. Does anyone know of a photo? I did a search but didn't find anything offhand.

Can you think of any reason this wouldn't work? I was thinking we might need to run a cross brace underneath just to make sure the adult weight wouldn't hurt it but is there any reason other than that?

TIA!! Can't wait to try this, I'm sure I can do it, just have to convince him that it won't be stupid to put a baby crib in a room we have company.

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Try converting crib to daybed & you'll find some if you look a bit. Might make 1 long pillow length of mattress for the back & then 3 or 4 pillows for ends & to snuggle up with & should work out fine. I would add board or 2 to bottom in case heavy person sits down. Don't want to injury anyone. Not quite same as love seat but with good use of pillows will be close & good place to read or sit & talk with a friend or 1 of your kids! Jan

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Teaser .... well, we're doing it. I'll post pix as soon as I can. It's really coming out cute. Even hubby agrees it's nice looking thus far.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Can't wait to see a picture of it when you're done! Ever gone to and see what people have done with projects? It's a great site. She has a category on there where people have turned beds and cribs into garden benches. You should send her a picture of your creation when it's done so that it can inspire someone else!

Oh, and my DH can't envision anything either and cringes when I walk through the door with a "trash" find. :)

Good luck!

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OK, done!

I moved the mattress supports to the highest position because I didn't want to feel like I was in a "cage" when sitting here. We then sawed off a few inches from the bottom of the legs so it was the proper height (just measured a sofa in another room). I slitted the back of the mattress and inserted a piece of backing board under the vinyl covering and then duct taped the hole back together. That way, when I wrapped the upholstery fabric around I had something to staple to. I also removed the vinyl from the top so it didn't feel like we were sitting on plastic. I did the back cushions the same way (I lucked out and found them at a thrift store for $2.50 each!!).

We also built a very simple little support to go under it. I painted it black and you don't even see it. It's just a top frame with legs on each corner, built out of scrap 2 X 4. It's not pretty but it fades away and will support anyone that could ever sit there. The top of it skims the bottom of the mattress support so when you sit down, the 2 X 4 support frame takes nearly all the weight, the crib frame takes virtually none.

All in all I'm happy with it. It was a quick, cheap way to get a custom upholstered loveseat. It's comfy, though I do plan to add a couple more throw pillows. I've gotten a nice response on it from those who've seen it in person.

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That's awesome Beth! I'd never have guessed that started out as a crib!

BTW - The whole room looks great.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Beautiful!!! I love the crib turned into a seating area, the chandelier....everything! It all turned out great. So did you have to add anything other than the crystals to the chandelier? What a great find for $5!

Thanks for sharing your pictures!

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All I did to the chandelier was spray paint it. I used the light gray auto primer by rustoleum first and then plain white satin spray paint. We hung it and made sure everything was working just right and then I added the crystals.

Thanks for the comments!

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