detergent bottle caps?

sherryinmaineOctober 25, 2008

Hi, have read some of these amzing posts; I'm impressed by your imaginations & creative drive!

For some reason, I have been accumulating plastic twist off caps from laundry soap bottles. Has anyone ever done something with these?

Any ideas what I could do with them?



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hey sherry,
i haven't tried anything with plastic caps yet but i've done with metal ones... the ones you get from jam jars? but i dare say that if you use similar painting technique as i did, you would be able to do the same to plastic caps :) you can check out what i did to my jam jars and kraft cheese jar tops in my blog below :) hope it gives you some ideas :)

Here is a link that might be useful: my arty-diy-homedecor blog :)

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clever, luthien!
Very interesting blog!

I enjoyed reading it.

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thanks sherry :)
hope to see you again :)
i was thinking about the bottle caps awhile ago... you probably would have thrown away the detergent bottles... but if you could paint little designs (perhaps smileys?) on the caps, mount them like the numbers on a clock on a piece of heat-resistence cork (those that you put under hot pots) then attach a "hand" in the centre of your smiley clock, it would probably turn out to be quite a cute decoration :) you can even have 12 different smileys and the "hand" can be used to point to different smileys each day representing the owner's mood :)

dunno if it'll work but looks quite promising in my mind :) maybe i should do something like that to try out :)

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Brand new here, just signed up so I could answer your question. This is more of an idea for kids, but if you need an idea for a group project it's a good one, especially for a gift for mom. Insert putty/clay inside the bottom of cap. Fill with fake flowers like a mini bouquet. Add an upright fork (plastic, vintage silver, etc.) into the center. Use tongs of fork for holding recipes, notes, etc. Easy, cute, and functional!

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that's a nice idea junkmaverick :) think i would modify it a little... use a planting pot instead and put more forks in ... then i can hold more things with 1 holder :D thanks for the inspiration:)

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There is something intriguing about those caps. I feel bad when ever I throw one out (bottles are recycled butnot the caps.) There was someone here who made amazing things out of plastic bottles, I'll loook for her stuff and post the link if I find it. She may have used caps as well. My thoughts: the caps could be used to raise plant pots above the ground or the porch floor. They could be used as molds to make concrete things with the same purpose (I use old tart cups as molds for concrete for these) Punch a hole in the bottom and its a seedling pot. Bring a few to the beach to use in molding the turrets on sand castles. Use in drawer to separate little things from eachother (too bad they are not square). Glue to old bike helmet and paint to make head of monster costume. Use as a footing with cement to hold small objects on posts in the garden (or upside down bottles with necks in the cement.)
Hmmm I think I need some too.

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Angie makes the most amazing things out of plastic. I haven't seen any posts from her lately unfortunately. (this is from the garden junk forum.) Nothing here is just from caps, but maybe you could make a caterpillar planter similar to hers from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Angies amazing creations

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The plastic laundry caps make excellent "snowmen hats". Lynn

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you all are so clever! I enjoyed reading all of your suggestions. Thank you, I will be considering some of them, in near future.

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I just accidentally came across your request for information on bottle tops from plastic bottles

Funny as I have been thinking the very same thing

I have been saving them in a huge glass bottle . There are some neat colours and of course different sizes.

I have actually started looking at the blue boxes on garbage pick up day and anscrewing caps, to add to the pile I have begun.

Still haven`t thought just what I am going to do with them but am thinking somewhat that I will glue or sink into something or other onto a piece of plywood Quite a large piece Maybe not plywood but something solid.
Then put into a frame of some sort the entire mounted tops.

So making a framed `picture` to put on a wall. In my case I might put it outside even, in a covered spot. Would be colourful.

There are so many neat colours of caps.

But I need to collect more before I begin Figure I need two hundred or so for my idea.

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diane, excellent idea! I had thought of something in an art kind of vein, but couldn't think of anything. I will keep collecting these things.
I've made parrot toys out of a few, just drill holes (make sure absolutely free of any soap or perfume) and put chain, pieces of would, etc, and made long hanging stuff or if you wanted you could drape it around cage and make sure it is tied off every few inches to prevent bird getting tangled in it.
I'll keep saving!

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I use shampoo caps as trash cans,or foot stools in my doll houses.Dish detergent caps with a popsicle stick glued across the bottom serve as ceiling fans. I also use them as snowmen caps on my sock snowmen.Plates in the doll houses,flower pots.

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