I have a lot of jar lids but no ideas.

Kelly_68October 18, 2006

I have over 300 glass jar lids from canning jars, but I really don't know what to do with them. I want to keep them because they were my grandmother's, so does anybody have any suggestions what I could do with them? I also have lots of glass milk bottles that I am not sure what to do with, so any help there would be appreciated. Thanks.

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them with different colored paint and make a mobile? If that works, and you have enough lids left over, you could make mobiles for other relatives who loved your grandmother.

On the bottles, I have 2 suggestions but they are a fair amount of work. One is to drill a hole near the bottom and decorate as an incense burner. The other is drill a hole and insert tiny christmas lights and decorate the outside (paint or stickers) it makes a good party light. I've done both these things with wine bottles. Another way to decorate is to basically decoupage with different colored strips of tissue paper. I know of a church that decorated jars this way as votive holders as centerpieces for a big function. Also, maybe you could decorate and turn them into bird feeders?

the other is paint/decorate them for candle holders (I don't know how they are shaped if that would allow it).

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At a craft show a couple years ago, I bought a jar lid painted like a snowman face--they had others painted like gingerbread faces. You could also do scarecrows, raggedy annes, penquins, etc. Or wire three together for a snowman--I've seen those too. Good luck finding projects to use them for. Luvs

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In my teaching days I used to have the children bring in jar lids or the metal tops from frozen juice tins. I would cut , using pinking shears, circles of Xmas fabric which we would glue on and then varathane when dry , adding a bit of glitter to glitz it up a little. Punch a hole, add a ribbon and you have a pretty little ornament.
Re: your milk bottles- some old bottles can be worth something. It might be worth looking into to see if you have any real treasures.

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