Lantern Experiment

texaswildMay 8, 2011

Gonna try to make a lantern to hang on the prospective "Fountain Surround Extension". I'm so anxious to get the armature made to start on decorations, I can hardly stand it. The top is hinged to open to place candle inside.

Lantern WIP

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Oh, what an adorable project that's going to be! I love the idea of a custom made lantern. Is one side going to be open, or will there be little windows in it?

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No - side open. The top opens. I have NO IDEA where I'll go on this. I'm hoping I can put some glass in little windows, and around the top - by cutting holes in the mesh and gluing the glass on the inside. Gonna try to add some metal pieces here/there, and I need some re-enforcements around the edges of the lid - thinking of what I can use - like coat hanger wire, and maybe make some decorative wire coils. The coils take forever to make - wish I had a coiler, but don't, so w/have to try making them on a dowel. I've spray painted the whole thing gold, and it looks so much better. It's gonna be fun to work on.

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No mortar? Just wire? I am imagining using picture frame glass that is gog!

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Yep, CALAM - just wire. I got the corners covered on the bottom section. Your idea is a fabulous one. I thought about doing something like stained glass windows, but I haven't come up w/anything yet, and with weekend guests coming, I don't have time to play w/it. Juan comes today to move Cleo into place - yeeeeeeeehaw!!!

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As I said in another thread, this should hang in my Hall of Shame, but nope - not gonna do it after so much hard work. I'm gonna light it up tomorrow evening - too tired tonight. I'll NEVER step this far outta my box again!!!!!!! There are just some things I can't do!!!!! dang it!!!!! I'll glue the finial on tomorrow, and maybe later hang some beaded tassels off each bottom corner - or NOT - sick of worrying w/it. Oh - er uh - what's that y'all say about the black and white stripes??? Yep - I just HAD to do it. It's turning into My Queendom of Oz.
Lantern almost finished

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Hall of Shame? Don't be silly! You're way too hard on yourself. I think it's very unique and pretty. I can only imagine how beautiful it would look lit up at night. I wonder how much sparkle you'll get off the metal and beads. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it after you've seen it at night.

In the meantime, I think you should step out of your comfort zone more often!

And lordy! I think I missed the final picture of your extension. That turned out beautifully! I'm so impressed you aren't afraid to tackle such large projects--and you get them done so quickly! Two thumbs up!

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Thank you, LORI: You make me feel better.

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