Broken Safety Glass

cozycatOctober 20, 2004

Hello all!

I removed a broken pane of safety glass from a sliding

glass door today. Now I have a box of tiny broken pcs of glass, its all crumbled.

It glitters a lot, looks a bit like crumbled ice or diamonds.

What can I make with it? Maybe something that replicates snow or ice?

Does anybody have any ideas?


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Some people are painting it with glass paint and then using it for "glass on glass" mosaics. Simply gorgeous! I plan on trying it myself . . . one of these days. ;o)


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Glad you asked that question because I have a bucket FULL of that stuff in my carport right now. I was gonna try just regular paint in a can and see if it would adhere to it. Will it have to be paint specifically made for glass?

I have a wood "thingie" that I bought that is in the shape of a sunrise with a frame. (Use your imagination here, don't have my "thingie" handy to make a photo!) I plan on painting the frame blue and then painting the sunrise part yellow and then covering with the painted glass. It's really big and I think it's supposed to be a cover for a vent type thing on new construction.

It may not look like a beautiful sunrise but the end of the world instead! LOL

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Cozy-Are the edges of the glass sharp? You would want to be careful how you use it if they are.My DH has an old windshield (tempered glass) that he says I can have.I know the edges of this type of glass (tempered glass) are not sharp when broken, so I thought of breaking it up then crushing it into very small pieces and covering a bowling ball,pave' style with it.Maybe paint the ball a pretty color or a metalic color first.Or paint a design on the ball with bright colors and use larger pieces to cover it so the design will show through.Don't know how that would work,because then what do I grout it with? Hmmmm...Gotta get DH to break that windshield up for me!
Ya_ya-Your "thingie" sounds like a plan!LOL Regular paint probably won't stick to the glass,so you probably need to use paints made for glass.You could try it though and if it sticks maybe place it on the project painted side down.Even doing that it might not hold up as the adhesive may not stick.Hope you will post a picture of your "thingie" when you are done!...............Lillie

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Lillie, no the edges are not sharp, and they're very small. I was thinking I could roll them on to something. Maybe I could could put some in a plastic bag & squeeze some stained glass paint in the bag & roll them around in it. I have several different colours of paint. Maybe I could make a rainbow effect.
Then spread the glass out & let it dry. I could do different colours. I have some beige Dap, also have good old GE Silicone II. Maybe if I smeared a jar or styrofoam ball with the glue & then rolled the ball or jar in the glass I could make something pretty. Maybe I could make
some kind of Xmas ornaments.
Ya-Ya - your rainbow idea sounds neat too. I just might try to colour some glass tonight!

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Sounds like a good idea to me!A jar would be cool.Then put one of the candle lights in it! Let us know how it turns out..........Lillie

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How about using the "frosting spray" (from Krylon or others), 1 brand comes in different colors (can't remember which). It would give it an icy look.

I'm considering using it on my plexiglass table top (which I posted about a couple days ago).

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hi, Love the ideas ,I also have a large amount of broken tempered glass and was thinking of using it in or on a stepping stone or concrete something .
I do know that frosted paint scrapes off on flat glass but I have not seen it in colors ,cool .
I will tell you that a windshield is not tempered glass and when you break it it will not shatter but break and fold and fall into SHARP pcs. a windshield is made with 2 pcs.of glass and a pc of vinyl in the middle the tempered is just that, made with high heat .
I threw away huge amounts of tempered glass in a warehouse once and saved some (10 gallons ) I hope that this gives me the inspiration to make something .
I would love to see a suncatcher made like this .
would it be possible to mix some with grout ,or press it in between the tiles on a mosaic .I have a project on the back burner that is a 2 by 4 sheet of glass that I am glueing flat marbles to for a trickle fountain and now I wonder if maybe using some of this glass also might give it a different look and trickle . oh no another new idea .
not rambling thinking out loud find it ...keep it....figure it out ....trash to treasure..... Rick

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On one of the decorating programs on HGTV I saw where they took a piece of furniture covered the top in gift paper. To hold the paper on they decopauge it. Once it dried they then glued glass pieces to the top in a random pattern.Once the glass dried they grouted the spaces between the glass.
You get the look of a mosaic but without the uneveness. I was very pretty when done.

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Just a quick note to let you know that I've coloured some glass. I made sure the glass was all crumbled (with a rubber hammer between news paper), then I poured some into a small bowl and added some stained glass paint. Some of my paint was kind of thick, but I just added a little water.
I swished it around, then spread it our to dry.
I have mauve, pink & turquoise colours now.
I tried to smear a glass votive with silicone & roll in the glass. It didn't work very well. Need thicker glue, maybe I'll try my dap unless anyone else has any better ideas.
But the glass paint works. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

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hi although I have,nt asked this on the glass forum yet and have not used any yet does any one know how well the stained glass paints hold up out side thanks Rick

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you can also take the pieces, half-fill a candy mold (or a margerine tub- sometimes, spraying it LIGHTLY with PAM helps on the release) and the pour that 'clear as glass' acrylic water stuff over it, set a paperclip hanger in it while it's still liquid, and let it set up :)

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Hmm. I posted a moment ago, but now it's
lost in space. I'll try again...

Thought I would bump this up to show what a fun
project tempered glass and bowling balls will create.
This first picture is of a sheet of glass a local
windshield company gave me free of charge. It is now
in a zillion pieces.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Another shot showing the bowling ball with a few coats of paint, and a bit of tempered glass glued on. I used Bond 527 Multi-purpose cement, found at Wal-Mart for $2.97. A great glue for glass-on-glass projects because it is so
crystal clear.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This shot shows how I had a majority of the
bowling ball covered, and how much was left yet
to work on.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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And finally, the ball is covered. I am currently
looking for a glittery grout, but apparently the
nifty product I had my eye on is no longer available
in our state.

I think I'm going with a copper color grout.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's awesome! But wow... that must have taken forever. :)

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Hi Amesly,

Actually, not at all.

To abbreviate, I work at home, so the ball was
just sitting here on my desk. As we live in the
country with slow dial-up internet service, I
would simply glue a few pieces here and there as
I was waiting for pages to load. From start to
finish it took less than a week.

Right now I just have it setting in a lid from
a candle to keep it from rolling around. The lid
has a rim of plastic that cushions it and holds
it still. I can't wait to grout it!

When I finish completely, I'll post another picture.
We're facing about a week of nasty weather, so I'll
have to wait until then to find the right color
grout. We'll have cabin fever, no doubt.

:-) KM

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Here it is now, just perched on the shelf
waiting for grout.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, I really like the BB Wuvie, very pretty. What color grout are you thinking of using?


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A few years ago Christopher Lowell had a lady on the show who made beautiful things with this stuff (stepping stones, address markers?) -sorry I can't recall exactly how it was done but do remember she used a form, some bronze or gold foil, black roofing tar & clear caulk with the broken glass. The foil paper showed thru a bit & with the sparkle of the glass bits was really outstanding. I went to his website a couple of times but could never find instructions darn it, cause I had all the material & wanted to do an address.

Hmm, think I'll ask over in the craft section if no one here remembers...


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Wuvie: I love your ball!!! What bling! what kind of paint did you use, spray/craft??what? Sheesh, I'm so tempted to make one of these! I'm gonna add it to my Projects Gotta do list!!!

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Hello Sal and Suzi,

I've not yet decided on a grout color, but I'm
certainly open to suggestions. (hint hint) :-)

I was originally thinking of copper, then found out
the copper grout was no longer available in our area,
so it was back to the drawing board. At this time, I
have a question up on a mosaic chat list to see what
everyone thinks of adding water based acrylic paint
to plain white grout. This is your every day Joe
average craft paint from any store. Apple Barrel,
Delta, Folk Art, etc.

Suzi, I've included a link below which someone on
another glass thread mentioned. It is likely not
the Christopher Lowell version, but an interesting

I thought about using gold foil, then applying glass,
then grouting, but when I saw the cost of gold foil
in Hobby Lobby, I decided I would use old fashioned
ingenuity. Aluminum foil. Yep. Remember when we were
young and we made those interesting pictures by coloring
with a magic marker on foil? I thought I could mock
that same thing.

Basically, I would imagine coating a bowling ball or
other item with foil. Decoupaging it on in sections, if you
will, pressing down any sections that might be sticking up.
Then, using a dabber or cotton swab or something, dab
various or same colors of paint, even a dyed lacquer
all over the foil. When it is dry, then apply the
tempered glass.

And just for reference, folks, I wanted to mention again
that while it may not cut or hurt you, it does splinter
well. Be sure to run the vac after you work on such a

Karen Marie

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV episode with glass project

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Before you do a whole ball in foil maybe you should do a test project.I have visions of it all falling off because somehow the foil rips underneath and won't hold the weight...the idea is cool though.

wuvie- the ball is soo great.. I have a square box (I looked at slowmedown's gallery for inspiration) that I got (wood) that I will be doing w/crash glass.

After I grout my frying pan tomorrow I am going to my DH part's truck and dismantling the door windows...I have a customer that comes in to where I work that works at a wrecking yard, I think I might have to sweet talk some more glass from him!!!

Have you guys seen the web site ? I can't remember if I got the site from here or not....I've been to so many sites today. Look under MYPROJECTS to see what this woman can is sooo awesome. She only works with crash glass

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wuvie, I started a crash glass bb just after xmas. But I'm waiting to pick up more GE11. This my progress so far

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If I cover a BB in the glass, what kind of grout would I use???

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I was thinking of putting it into resin and making coasters.

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