cutting diamonds

crazymosaicsMay 14, 2009


I've been trying to cut diamonds using my Beetle Bits system and I can't get them to come out symmetrical and it's driving me nuts!!! Does anyone on here know how to cut diamonds eiteher using a cutting system or by hand? I'm working on a picture frame and want to use diamonds but I can't figure out how to make them symmetrical, one side is a little higher than the other one.


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Bless your heart - I'm too tired to even respond, but share your frustration. When I was in PV w/o a ruler/cutting system/whatever, and wanted some diamond shapes, I cut a strip about 3/4". Then I eyeballed a 45 degree angle to cut the end of the strip off. THEN, I eyeballed the rest - estimated the distance between diamonds as being the size of the strip. Granted they weren't perfect, but it served my purpose at the time. Attaching a picture of the project I was working on - the red diamond shapes. When I got home to my cutting system, I made the mirror diamond shapes to finish the project.

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I sent the man that made that a message. I bet he helps you soon.

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Check out this blog on making diamonds with the BB system.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Mosaic Obsession

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CAC: That's a great site. Have added it to my favs. Thanks for that one.

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Thanks Slow. That's my blog. They are free & what else was there to write about except mosaics, LOLOL! Mosaics has a way of taking over.

Anyone has tutorials that would like to contribute to the blog - please, please contribute to the blog. I want it to be a knowledge base for anyone wanting to learn about mosaics.

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Well I THOUGHT I recognized the mosaic work, but didn't know if you were in collaboration w/a group or not. It has so many informative articles and links. Really is full of resources.

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