Suggestions for pink eel skin eyeglass case, anyone?

mango-princessOctober 14, 2006

Since moving from regular sunglass wear to prescription, and considering the cost of my new lenses, my optician suggested I not use my soft eelskin case that I had purchased on the softness and the pink color. He recommended a hard case instead. After what I spent$, I took his advice. Now... what would you (especially ladies'), use an eyeglass case for, especially a pretty eelskin one?

It's too big for lipstick, too long for keys, I don't need it for my cell phone... maybe my small purse brush? Any suggestions are very welcomed... Thanks.

Mango Princess

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Can you post a pic of it??


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Its easier if I send a link off one for sale at eBay. Mine is identical to this. My cell phone doesn't fit in it, and if it did, it would be more of a hassle to keep taking it in and out of the case.

Here is a link that might be useful: case on eBay

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Pencil and memopad holder!

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Camera holder if you have one that will fit.

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Holder for tampons/pads in your purse (assuming you need those items, of course.)

You could also use it hold those little items that always get lost in the bottom of the purse...corral them all into the holder.

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I heard- and maybe somebody can tell us if it is true- that eelskin demagnetizes credit cards and ATM cards.

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It is the right size for those tampons! great idea, might have to find a glasses case for those.....Great idea lorettaf! They always seem to open up in my purse! Love that idea!


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