RECIPE: 'Vegetarian' Cookbook from the 70's

blondyblondeDecember 14, 2007

Hi all, I am trying to remember the name of and find an old paperback (large) "vegetarian" cookbook that was published in the early 70's. It was all brown like recycled paper, and contained some very good recipes like ceamy broccoli soup (with pinch of cloves), some italian, and a very good baked white fish recipe with tomatoes I think (yes, some would not consider vegan). It had Epicurean in the title. Thanks for any of you "oldsters" out there who may have held on to it! Any info you can provide would be helpful. Thanks! Blondy

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Was it The Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas?

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It sounds like the vegetarian epicure but I looked and there is no cream of broccoli soup nor is there a fish dish. I hope you find it...

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The first Moosewood Cookbook was large, had a beige cover. It may have had fish recipes in it, since the subsequent ones do. I don't have that book but have been with friends who cooked from it. Mollie Katzen was the editor.

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Laurel's Kitchen was brown but of course didn't have Epicurean in the title. I don't think it had any fish recipes in it though.

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Fish not only isn't vegan, it also isn't vegetarian, but for some reason some people think it is (NO clue why -- it's meat -- and certainly doesn't fit the definition of vegetarian). And for some reason some "vegetarian" cookbooks of the 70's included fish recipes. I have one called "The Whole Wheat Heart of Yasha Aginsky" that sounds a lot like what you describe but of course the word "Epicurean" isn't in the title. It does, however, have a fish recipe or two in it. I don't have it with me or I'd check for the other recipes, but I do still make some of the dishes in it. As mentioned, "The Vegetarian Epicure" is from that time period and looks like what you describe but no fish recipes. If nothing else turns up, put in a request at a local used bookstore or contact some place like Powells Bookstore in Portland, OR (, but talking to a person might be more helpful) to see if they can help you. Also, although I know what it's like to want to track down an old book (I do it myself), there are tons of other good vegetarian cookbooks that may provide recipes you love just as much. Good luck!

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