Has anyone built their own chicken coop/hutch?

celestialsdoxiesOctober 3, 2006

Need something simple. Has anyone made a chicken coop with spare wood, aside from purchasing the chicken wire?

I have many 2 x 4's, 2 x 2's, etc., a hammer and can get the wire, but that is about it. Needs to be raccoon and night time predator safe.

I am looking to build one big enough for 2 hens.


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Raccoon proof you'd be better off to find either one large dog kennel or two smaller ones and put a lock on them at night. The type I'm thinking of are use for travel...are mostly plastic, have wire doors and windows. You can lock them. They are easy to clean and you can move the birds inside to a garage when the temps take a dive.

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There's a website- www.backyardchickens.com that has some very good ideas and lots of info. I have 9 chickens myself, and my son built my coop. Go on that site, there are coop ideas and some people can tell you how to make one with what you have.

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We built a double chicken pen that was completly inclosed. Used redwood dug done about 2 feet, nailed chicken wire to the base, and burried it so cayotes, lynx, etc could not dig in, also made about a 6 inch barrier around the edges etc. top was heavy chicken wire. Didn't have many raccons in area.
But we did have sticky plants around edge and some animals did not like it.

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Forgot, at night the chickens were in their house, windows covered with hardwire, again burried wire in ground deep around outside, and we could lock the door, like a doggie door from cage to house.

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My wife and I built chicken hutches from recycled window frames and chicken wire. Elevate the coop on legs a foot or two and make bottom with wire so droppings fall through and predators can't get in. See pictures at our blog, http://www.echickencoopsandruns.com.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY chicken hutches

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