My 'New' Junk! LOL

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 25, 2008

Had a straaange dream the other night. All during the dream I was trying to locate three more tricycles to use during a Fall Festival event type thing at school. (I used to teach.) Told a friend of mine about the dream as we were leaving to go to garage sales that morning. The very first sale we went to - you guessed it - a tricycle!! I KNEW it was meant to be mine! LOL The wall doesn't slant, I was holding the camera a trifle strangely! LOL Don't know if I'll leave the trike there, or not, but I'm enjoying it, at least for now.

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what a delightful find! i would imagine if you twirled christmas lights around it and put it beside the christmas tree... *sigh* that'll be soooooo lovely :))))))))
God bless
"luthien" :)

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Now, that's just too cool, Ya Ya!!!

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Dreams come true! Good for you!

That trike looks real cute.

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I love it!! Enjoy!! Jan

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Lovely story! It's definitely meant to be yours. Love the "patina" on those old things. It's a treasure to be sure.

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