bisque appliances?

jrfair703May 24, 2013

Hi everyone,

We just bought a new house and our (smallish) kitchen is in need of a major makeover. We're at the very beginning of this process but my vision is for antique white/cream colored cabinets and a darker counter - gray or black with some warm tones mixed in. My big question is what appliance color would work best. We're working with a limited budget, so we're going to keep the refrigerator that's currently in there since it's in really good shape. But... it's bisque. So, should I get my other appliances in bisque to match? That would probably be pretty close to my cabinet color. Or should I get them in another color and switch out the fridge later? Do people still buy bisque appliances? There doesn't seem to be much of a selection from manufacturers...

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My parents used cream with a touch of yellow cabinets in their lakehouse kitchen with bisque appliances 7 years ago. They are putting the market and we met with RE agent this morning. You could tell she didn't like them, but didn't say so. IMO, SS, white or black would look like crap. House is listing for 1.299 so the bisque appliances did not hurt resale.

Appliances do not have to match, but bisque might look good in your kitchen - can you post pictures?

How old is the fridge?

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I have creamy white/beige colored cabinets and went with the bisque. And I love them!! It's a very nice soothing color which I've always liked, and not a stark contrast like the white would be. Those whites are bright and will change the way you see your cabinet color. My refrigerator is fairly new and I love it except that it's white. Fortunately, it is not high profile in the kitchen. The bisque does look much better.

The type of white would make a difference though, how well it will blend.

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Holly- Kay

I think bisque is the perfect applliance color for a creamy white kitchen but it is not popular right now as evidenced by the lack of this finish in appliances. If you choose to go with bisque your choices will be very limited. I don't think any of the appliances we were considering included bisque in their line-up.

You could call a large on-line distributor like AJ Madion and ask them what brands offer bisque. If you find there is nothing available go with what you like most in the available finishes and plan on changing your fridge when it's feasible.

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Holly- Kay

I forgot to include that my old appliances are bisque and I love the bisque finish. I am getting new because I decided that I wanted a cook top, double oven, and counter depth fridge. If bisque had been available in my appliances I probably would have gone with it again rather than ss.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

My cabinets are Adobe white, tending toward cream, and Dried Hydrangea, a green. I have dark counters and bisque appliances, but I've always had almond/biscuit/bisque, whatever the shade.

If you eventually want all stainless steel, I think a SS stove looks good with any other color. If you get a SS stove, it might be better to get the matching DW, then trade out the fridge later, when it needs replaced.

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I really like bisque appliances! To me it would look nice to have bisque-ish colored cabinets, refrigerator and dishwasher and then maybe a stainless stove and hood to mix it up a bit. IâÂÂm sort of digging just plain painted backsplashes to, that way you can add any splash of color you want and have it in minutes.

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It can look good to mix the appliances up a bit. If your refrigerator is big and prominent, you might want to keep it in bisque to downplay and blend into the cabinetry more. Sometimes people put those big refrigerators in and the finish makes them stand out too much in a small kitchen or particular location.

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Thanks for the input! I'm feeling a lot better about going the bisque route. Although I might go SS for the range since I have more specific criteria for that. I'll post updates as I go, as I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future!

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Definitely, if the bisque color blends well with your cabinet color, go with that! Then the appliances become part of the color scheme instead of an accent or jarring distraction.

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