2nd pot for deck - green grout

cathyscacheMay 4, 2009

Have been working on the bathroom vanity but in between drying times I also have been working on another flower pot for the deck. This one I grouted green. It's a darker green than I expected but oh well..next one will be grouted blue....Need more rocks though so will have to make another trip to the beach..maybe today if the wind ever dies down...

Here is a link that might be useful: 2nd pot fro deck

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Another beautiful, earthy pot. I soooooo love the green grout, and your dish shards are just wonderful. Wish I could find some as pretty.

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I love that green grout and those rocks!!!! great pot.

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Cathy, your pots all look wonderful! Do you buy colored grout or do you add paint or powder to it?

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Hey thanks all, I still have lots to go. Not sure I'll get them all done this summer, but by next summer all my pots will be done and all will be as colorful as the beautiful flowers that go in them. Charmo, I use both. I have colored grout and colorants. If I use thinset I use colorants but I have all different colored grouts as well. I like having the choice when I'm ready to grout. I usually go with a darker Blk-charcoal....but it nice to have the choice when I want something different....I've already started a 3rd pot..This one looks like it may have more china than the others...but they just sort of turn out how they turn out...I really like to have the choice to go with how I feel....But really need to make a beach trip for rocks and agates but it has been pretty windy lately so maybe it'll be better weather tomorrow. And should be able to put my vanity back together in the morning!!! I am soooo tired of being on the bathroom floor!!!!! Not too many people can say they know their bathroom the way I know my bathroom!!!! Later, Cathy

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