LOOKING for: Vegan latkes

GardenerDecember 17, 2000

We're trying to make latkes without egg. We need a way to bind the grated zucchini and potato while frying. Any ideas?

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I have made them without egg with very little trouble, adding only a small amount of flour to soak up the pototo liquid and hold them together slightly while cooking. I have also thought of adding a small amount of pureed tofu in place of the egg, but have yet to try it.

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Thanks, Carole. We'll give your ideas a try.

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Eugene Shoemaker

That's like trying to make milkshakes without milk. That's one of the reasons we have eggs, use them!!!

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carolb W FL

Nonsense! I've seen recipes using only flour.Try adding a bit of cornstarch or arrowroot as a binder, if they're too loose.

You'll find the results w/o egg lighter & more delicate.Easier to digest too.

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Eugene, some vegetarians don't eat eggs, and some non vegetarians can't eat them, that's why we have alternatives. :-)

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