my dollar tree find,gonna add to trash, to make xmas treasure

ohiopond4meOctober 15, 2008

I found these stars at my local dollar tree, showin them in the package, then showing them how I plan to use them for xmas decorating,,hope you like

,,,,my shelf and window really arent that crooked, I musta been leaning when i was snappin the pic

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Those are cool. Gonna have to check out my $1 Tree. Are they tin?

How did you hang your window? I have one, but it's really heavy and I'm not sure how to hang it without it pulling a chunk out of my wall and falling on someone's head. ha ~Anj

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I think they are something other than tin, they are pretty heavy, I just used 4 big screws one in each corner, an tried to be sure to find a stud or 2, I have 3 different windows hung up throughout the house, all hung the same way, and they have all been ok,,,

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Very cute. I like your shelf display too.

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Very nice!! The star is just perfect in the window & gives the whole setting a "warm feeling" Like your scale too! Thanks.Jan

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Marlene Kindred

How cool are they! What a great idea! I love the window with the vine, etc! Thanks for sharing with us!

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