Door as headboard?

Marcia ThornleyOctober 16, 2004

Has anyone used an old interior door for a headboard? I am thinking about this and could use some ideas on how to do it. Does anyone have a picture? Thanks for any suggestions you may have. By the way this door is solid wood, no glass.

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I did that years ago.I just used 1"x 4" 's to attach the headboard to the bed frame.The frame will have holes in it to attach a headboard.Attach the 1"x4" to the back of the door with wood screws about 3 or 4 inches from the top of the door.The drill holes in the 1"x 4" 's where it will be bolted to the frame.Use long bolts and nuts to attach.I hope this is clearer than mud!LOL You cold go to a furniture store and look at the headboards that are attached to the frame and get the idea as to how to do it.It is very easy.Or you could hang the door on the wall above the bed with some kind of hanger...............Lillie

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A friend of mine made a headboard from an old door. It was looking pretty sad, so she painted it and then did an antique glaze over top. Looked great.

How to hang it? Well you could use two 2 X 8 (or 2 X 6 if it's a lighter door). One is attached to the top of the headboard, one along the bottom. You have to screw the bits that go into the wall into the studs, or you will wake up with no headboard. LOL

Also, if you just do just the one at the top, the headboard will bow in at the bottom and eventually pull the screws out of the wall.

The headboard just hangs on the part that is attached to the wall.

I did the diagram for an upholstered headboard someone was trying to hang on the wall on another forum, so just ignore the part about reupholstering. LOL

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Found these instructions, hope they help..

Here is a link that might be useful: headboard ideas 101

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They've done that on decorating cents on hgtv,so you should be able to get directions there.

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I didn't have a door, but had shutters. Took three and just stood them up at the head of the bed. DH used some thingy screws and put three of them together and they will fold either way. Used this in the guest room and whatever is my fancy for the month is attached between the shutters. For this month, flamingos are my fancy for this month, so I have several attached with wire that is hid in the shutters. Think you are using a door, my DD used a wooden door and made her dining room table. Wood doors are so cool. Hallngarden

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Go to a lumber yard or door manufacturer and ask what they'll charge for culled doors. They sometimes cut them wrong or there is some other problem and then they can't use them. My son works for a window and door company and they just throw them away. He brought me several last spring and I use one of them laying across 2 short file cabinets for my planting station on the back porch. It works really good and I can use the file cabinets for storage.

You can also pad and cover the doors with fabric to make a nice headboard or make a quilt the size of the door and put a slip type backing on it so it will just slip over the door or make ties to hold it on. These look beautiful then you can make valances or curtains to match.


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I have seen photos of picket fence headboards....

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