Help! can I mosaic brick for outdoors?

concretenprimrosesMay 29, 2011

Hi everyone.

Will mosaic brick last outside in contact with the ground covered by snow etc? Or should I seal the mosaic and ground touching part of the brick with auto undercoating spray before mosaicking?

context: the local women's services agency asked my garden club (and others in their service area) to plant a special bed in honor of their 40th anniversary. So we designed 4 raised beds which my dh and a young man who happened by just built out of pieces of curbing (HEAVY) given to us by the city. To achieve a 4 beds each 2 foot square, we had to have the curbs just touch at their corners. (curb pieces were just 2 feet long). Sooo I bought some tall "bricks", not cement, that are square to mosaic 2 sides and put in each corner. so 2 sides will be mosaicked and 2 sides will be mortored to the curbing.

Should I seal? will it work?


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I don't think you should worry about mosaicing on bricks. Lots of people have done it, and I've not heard any complaints. I sure don't worry about it here at My Queendom, and don't seal anything.

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I use tacky glue. When the bricks are a bit bumpy, I've had problems with the tesserai, like the pieces on an outside corner, falling off. But I suspect the real issue is the shape of the brick. I recommend using smooth bricks and be careful to make sure your grout surrounds even the outer most pieces of tess.

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CONCRETE and PHISH: Don't know about Tacky glue for exterior purposes. I w/ONLY use thinset for this project. I've mosaiced many old and bumpy bricks w/no problems.

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