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babygirl88October 6, 2008

Anyone have any idea what to do with a box of new bottle caps? They are like the caps on beer. A friend gave them to me and i would like to try to make some thing out of them. Maybe Christmas ornaments? There is 500 of them and i know they are just wanting to be made into something, haha

Thank you

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I'm a jewelry of course I'm gonna say "make some charms" !! lol for charm bracelets!!! Print out photos of family or vintage photos, or even just words or pictures, or bits and pieces of different things. Drill a small hole for a jump ring.Use them in altered art collage work. Christmas ornaments like you mentioned. Magnets with photos or bits....try some resin, since you have can make plenty. Add glitter to some, just a teensy bit. Try a picture, and use pliers to "fold" the edges of the cap over to the front, especially if it's colored. Leave them like they are for resin.
My daughter is saving purple and green bottle caps from those girlie drinks for me to make a charm bracelet :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I've filled the insides with pictures and beads and then filled in with a 2-part resin to make magnets. The resin is a little tricky to work with and it does take a while to dry. A lit lighter ran close to the wet resin surface will get rid of any pesky air bubbles, but be careful - the resin can be flamable.

I've also taken some old vintage caps and put pinbacks on them and hung them on a simple shower curtain for decoration.

They can also be used for scrapbooking.

Great find! Have fun with them.

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Thanks so much for the ideas. About four weeks ago i decided to try working with resin for the frist time. I didn't even think about using it with the bottle caps. Thanks so much for that idea. I have been making beads for jewelry with the resin. A few have turned out great but when i first started with it i had a bunch of duds. :) live and learn i guess.

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I use Clear-Cast, and if it stays tacky after drying, the company suggested spraying with an acrylic clear spray. I use Rustoleum Crystal Clear. You can use almost anything in the resin as long as it can handle the heat. The acrylic rhinestones don't hold up well, they will melt into a round bead. Glass rhinestones work great.
Here are a few spoons I did, about the same size as a bottle cap. The blue mermaid background is torn tissue paper. My grandchildrens photos I printed out myself.Also it's an example of what happens when you use acrylic rhinestones, they sort of melt. The first spoon is glass rhinestones from a broken tiara.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Did you make anything yet? I'm getting ready to make a charm bracelet,so I'm looking up ideas and found these.




Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzus Blog

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Hello agian. I haven't had time to make anything yet. DH was call out of town to go to Kentucky and I went with him for a few days. Just got back and I am ready to get busy. Thanks so much for the links. Now i have so many ideas and not sure where to start. haha

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hello babygirl,
i dun know about beer bottle caps cos they are small... but you can take a look at what i did with my jam and kraft cheese bottle covers :) just go to the link below... perhaps you may get some ideas :)


Here is a link that might be useful: my arty-diy-home decor blog :)

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