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scarlett2001October 26, 2004

I have a new volunteer job once a week - I work in a continuation high school- yes, these are the kids with so many problems that they have to go to a special school.

So here's the deal- I do have an office, but I can only furnish it with things that don't matter if they are stolen, vandalized, etc. Perfect shabby chic/trash to treasure situation, because the students don't see the furnishings as valuable. So far, I have beat up but colorfully spray painted wicker chairs with pillows I made from bright cloth scraps. I didn't even sew them, just wrapped the cloth like a package over pillow forms I got at a yard sale and duct taped them on the back.

I found an old dresser drawer which I painted white and put four drawer pulls on the bottom as feet. This holds my folders. Bulletin board - a 3 by 4 foot piece of foam insulation, covered with bright gingham cloth I got free at a yard sale.

For a brochure rack: a big shutter. I taped cardboard over the back so the brochures don't fall through.

If anybody has any more ideas, please send them along. Thanks!

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Not sure what exactly your looking for but if your looking to get the kids attention how bout a boot for a vase or planter or a old sneaker to house some plants,some old textbooks stacked and drilled thru can be turned into a lamp. A few old doors hinged together can make a good display piece or room divider.

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Get some succulents (free, just snap 'em off, let 'em dry a couple days) and plant them is recycled containers (coffee cans or whatever).

Check out garage sales and thrift shops for stuff to sit around, posters or pictures to hang.

Good luck in your job.

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How about some of the shorter file cabinets arranged together with a door on top for a workspace? You might mount a huge picture frame over the top. Prime a piece of plywood and then use chalkboard paint over it and place in the frame - maybe even have half of it as a corkboard for messages, etc.

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It's a shame that kids feel the need to destroy things
( MOST KIDS -- not just the 'special' kids !) LOL
You are doing a great job on making your office into a
"value-less" place and still have it designed so clever !!
I wish I had more suggestions for you .... but it sounds like you have everything covered ! Is there something else specifically you want in there ?

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scarlett 2001: i retired after spending almost 30 years working (happily) in a continuation high school. if i can help, e mail me. p.s. i still hear from former students

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Many thanks to all of you who gave me such great ideas! I have used them all and it looks very nice. And nobody has vandalized or taken one thing. They seem to like to come in. It never fails to amaze me how much the work environment affects people.

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