recipe: the trials of being a

Phyllis A.November 30, 2000

The trials of being a vegan

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1. Most people don't know what it is and can't pronounce it.

2. It's hard to get a decent meal in a restaurant.

3. People who've heard you're a vegan expect you to be really thin when they meet you. Sorry!

4. People expect you to be humorless, strident, and out to convert them.

5. Vinyl shoes are hot, and canvas shoes don't go well with formal wear.

6. Reading small print makes your eyes hurt.

7. Sometimes when you're watching people eat meat, you get kind of queasy.

8. People think you're either depriving or abusing your child.

9. People think you're a radical, tree-hugging peacenik, which maybe you are, but still....

  1. Your in-laws think you are strange. Hell, even your own family thinks you are strange!

  2. Soymilk isn't served in public schools (at least not in South Carolina).

  3. You go to dinner at someone's house. First they try to feed you fish, figuring somehow that fish is a vegetable. When that's politely turned down, they offer you the potatoes smothered in cheese and sour cream. When that still isn't acceptable to you, they rummage around in the fridge to find a head of lettuce for you to graze on. And you told them you were a vegan when they invited you!

  4. It's hard to find a good wedding cake.

  5. It's hard to make a good birthday cake for your child.

  6. Your office parties are catered by Piggie Park (an actual barbeque place in S.C.).

  7. You find the perfect blouse to go with your new skirt, only to read the label and find out it's silk!

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Had a friend who ordered "something vegetarian to eat" in a French restaurant and ended up getting fried squid.The chef tried to explain that it was a "sea vegetable".HA!

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On the shoes subject: the link below is an Australian based company that has a wide selection of shoes. Plus, you can send them a picture of a type of shoe you want and they can make it for you! My fiancee just got some work shoes that he says are really great! They also have belts and wallets. He did say though, that they are a bit warm. Take a look! Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Vegetarian Shoes

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