If I decoupage a chair can it be used to sit in?

mom2twoOctober 14, 2006

I am working on an old school chair. My daughter's kindergarten class will auction this off to raise funds at the PTL auction.

One idea was to put the children's photos on the chair (decoupage) and offering a certificate of authenticity with a diagram noting who's who. My question is if this is the way we choose to go, is the chair still functional? And would I use just standard decoupage medium or do I need to use shellac? The chair will be painted and have some type of design to it where the pictures will be part of the design (i.e. Mrs. Richard's Garden with the kids photos as faces on the flowers.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I decoupodged barstools with photocopies of old family pictures and then varnished with several coats of waterbased varnish. They are still being sat on and used 10 years later!

Yours is an excellent idea! Good luck!

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Yep, Lydia's right, just varnish them or polyurethane with several coats and you'll be OK. Also, don't forget to check the legalities of using the children's photos. You may need to get signed releases from the parents since you'll be selling it. (I'm not sure about this, so please check with the school board.)

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Thank you, Thank you!
Now all I have to do is get it DONE!

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What a fantastic idea of using the children's school photos. Any parent of a child in that class would be proud to own that. I would even think a teacher might purchase it and donate it to the school to be put in a display case.

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I can't take credit for the idea Craftlady, my dad came up with it. Every class at the school does a project, and as you would guess the parents of that class are usually the only bidders. A chair painted by this teacher's class two years ago went for $500 plus. (It used the kids' thumbprints in a heart and said "Thumbody loves Me") Needless to say I have some big expectations to live up to!

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omg what an awesome idea...so I hope you dont mind if i borrow it....my daughters father passed away this summer...(he was only 49)... I have tons of photos of him and him/ her together...plus i have an old chair to boot...this would be perfect for her to have plus she can share it with her children and they would get to see there wonderful grandfather everyday!!!...

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