Gramercy Momeni Sage Area Rug - Have you seen in person?

oldbat2beAugust 27, 2014

Well, I still haven't purchased a rug for the family room (despite photoshopping so many last year). I came back and reviewed my old decisions and think I have made up my mind.

I know I 'should' order the smallest size of this rug to make sure the color works but maybe I don't have to? (I just want to pull the trigger!!)

Have you seen this rug in person? Do the colors I'm showing look true? Sueb20 - you have this, no? Any feedback as to how it's worn?

Also - I'm looking at the 8x11 size; available at RugStudio for $999 with 20% off, so $800. Free shipping. Can anyone suggest a source with a better price?

Here was my original inspiration for this room / colors:

Contemporary Living Room by Marshfield Interior Designers & Decorators Stacy Curran

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I think it is PERFECT! With it you have a good foundation for your inspiration room / color scheme. What fun!

And I am amazed you can buy a rug that size for that price, that is a deal!

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Holly- Kay

I love it! Rug Studio ships uber fast so you will have it in no time!

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I think that rug must be related to a chameleon :). I checked the internet and the color changes from tan to sage green depending on the web site. I really like the pattern, but I am not sure of the color with your sofas ( they seem to be more gray with a hint of blue.)
I did see it on Overstock for 645 dollars. I have not seen any reviews there to indicate color accuracy, but they did have two photos, and even there the color looked different between the 2 photos.

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I agree with Karenseb. Your picture above looks brighter than sage. This is what I see online, though either may work for you, I believe it will be a grayed green, like we typically think of sage green.

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I found a site with two reviews that comment on the color, oldbat2be. They both say that instead of sage, it is more of an olive or army green Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rugs Direct

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Oldbat2be, as long as you've waited to purchase a rug, I'm afraid I would have to see a sample to commit to this. Of all items available to view and purchase online, rugs seem to have the worst representation on my monitor. I recently ordered 6 rug samples for my LR. The one that I thought *for sure* would work, doesn't. The one I added to my order as an afterthought, does work. Ordering without samples first is a crapshoot.

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You could order the smaller size on Overstock to check the color.

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Yes, I have the same exact rug, but in charcoal. It's in the master bedroom, so not a high traffic area, but we've had it for a couple years and it still looks brand new. Seems high quality and it never did that shedding that's so annoying with some rugs. I think I also paid around $800 for the same size.

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All - I was a good little bat and did the right thing, and ordered the smallest size :)

kswl - Loved your enthusiastic response, thanks!!

Holly-kay - IâÂÂd love to order from RugStudio due to the excellent customer service youâÂÂve mentioned; I may give them a chance to match the lowest price I find.

Karenseb - Thank you so much for the Overstock find, nice detective work! IâÂÂm guessing at the pattern size and just hoping the color will be right. Yes, IâÂÂve seen the same variance and am checking the pictures from every browser possible. The picture you posted I think is the same I photoshopped but something could have easily been lost during the copying and pasting and different programs; the âÂÂpictureâ of the rug in place does look lighter to me. I like the lighter green look. I originally fell for the rug in charcoal and am hoping any green in the sage version will be sufficiently lighter.

Voila - Checking the reviews is a good idea and I do it religiously for appliances (but didnâÂÂt even think of it here). Thanks for the color feedback.

Sueb20 - so glad you saw this! Great to hear the carpet has stood up well. Did I get the size of the circles right this time?!

Peony4 - If this fails, I will definitely order multiple samples next time. As I checked out I was wondering whether I should have included a few others, just in caseâ¦. Glad you lucked out with your sample selection. Have we seen pictures of what you selected? Please post :)

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Keeping you all in the loop... expert shopper (ha) that I am, I ordered the sample from retailer A. Lead time=5 days. As the labor day weekend approached (and huge shout out to Karenseb), I found an additional 20% off on Overstock so placed my order late Monday assuming that I'd be able to receive the sample from company A before the rug from Overstock shipped.

Driving in to work this morning, I learned that the Overstock (full size) rug had shipped.... also learned around 1 PM that sample had been delivered... Took late lunch, zipped home, ripped open sample and.... huge sigh of relief :)

I think the colors are very similar to what I originally photoshopped. Rug is due Friday so I will post an update over the weekend. Huge sigh of relief, here :)

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I love it, hooray! Interestingly, the circles are larger than in the small rug sample (which I like, very much).

On to the next projects for this room - reupholster chair, white built-ins and then tile fireplace.

Thanks all for the help!

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Holly- Kay

OB2B, Yea! I love your new rug. It's beautiful and looks great with your furniture.

I am so glad that the color worked out for you so you didn't have to lug the rug (lol) to UPS to ship it back.

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