Plastic Duck Decoys

gavinsmemeOctober 6, 2007

Hi everyone, my name is Jackie and I love this site! I just found it about a week ago and spend all my extra time reading all the creative ideas, all of you have come up with. Does anyone have any ideas with what to do with those hard plastic duck decoys? Someone just gave my husband, who loves to duck hunt, many, many, many ...... decoys, to go along with the MANY he ALREADY has!!!! So, I was wondering if there would be some kind of "craft", I could use a FEW for, something for the garden, maybe? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Jackie

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I read this forum because I'm so in awe of all the things everyone produces from 'junk'! I'm not nearly that clever with my 'trash' :-)

About the decoys....the first think that popped into my head was to paint one to look like Santa Claus (Santa Duck?) Or a pilgrim? You mentioned using them in the about one with fresh paint 'swimming' in a pool of blue flowers in the spring? The pilgrim duck could go into a fall arrangement of mums &/or pumpkins. Just a couple of things that came to mind as I read....use or ignore at will :-0

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I was thinking the same as Jayokie. If you aren't talented with a paint brush but can about seasonal outfits like they do for the white concrete geese?

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Thanks Jayokie and Lydia, you both gave me something to think about. I was thinking of maybe trying to make some kind of wind chime, or maybe hanging some kind of sign from the ducks and hang them up from a tree. Also, maybe tying seasonal bows around their necks and let them float in our pond. It's a good thing there are lots of ducks! :-)

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