The perfect Mother's Day

loribee2May 9, 2011

After hubby filled me up with French toast and bacon, I got to spend the whole day in my workshop!

I finished the mosaic on the poor little mushroom cap that has been sitting on the work bench half done all winter. I put the first coat of mortar on my sunflower, and I started work on Mr. Sea.

Mr. Sea is going to be soooo much fun! Though I redid his eyes THREE TIMES before I got something I liked. Then, of course, hubby came home and suggested an addition that would have made them even better. But I'm keeping what I have. I didn't want to do them a 4th time!

I've learned that faces can be hard.

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Tell me about it - I simply don't know how to do faces, so do the best I can and don't care if it's not perfect. I can't WAIT to see your first pictures on Mr. Sea.

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Sounds like a Dreamy day!!! I ran around like a chicken, church, kids,lunch,sheesh, all I wanted was a day like you had!lol! Then I had to work a 5-9shift. I am looking forward to some WIP pics(work in progress)

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