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flagtruckMay 2, 2009

Here are some photos of many of the things I am working on and a lot of thimgs that are finally grouted. The pagoda lantern is one of two that I am doing. This one is finally grouted and set in place by the pond. I grouted 4 or 5 things today so will post them this evening probably.

The studio pics are a follow-up to the beginning ones, these show how full my studio is and how messy.

Enjoy, it just shows you guys I have been busy. The post covers are all finiahed and awaiting grout. I willl do pics of them as I grout them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Many projects

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Oh Flag I love your pagoda. Wondeful job. It looks great in your garden.


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Flag yur pagoda is lovely.....nice job

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GEESH - that pagoda is magical. Is it lighted yet? Hey, just remembered - when you gonna mosaic and put in place your Riana leaf - and work on your grotto and stream. Yah, yah, I know - too many other things in line. Work faster. LOL - now doncha come up here to hit me on the head.

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I get so lost in wonder at your photostream. My jaw drops and I think I drool on myself, speechless to add a intelligent comment.
I'm adding your place on my list of places to visit someday.

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Wow, great pagoda, I loved looking at all those blingy pics.How tall is that pagoda . Was it a cement one

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Cindy- that pagoda is about 4' tall. It is a cement one that has been in that spot by my pond since it was finished about 4 yrs ago. I just got tired of looking at plain cement. I love it now as it sparkles when the sun hits it. Thanks for the kudos.

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Love the pagoda. Everything looks great!

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Your pagoda is totally enchanting. I've loved it from earlier photos and now to see it installed is really fun. Beautiful!

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Oh FLAG!!! Love it all!! I'm putting in a pond soon..I hope!lol! And so gotta think about some Pond Bling! I'm already thinking of concrete leaves like Klinger made for her pond...for the water to flow into the pond. But I have to say that I am so inspired by your Welcome sign as I have a sign idea rolling around in my head, and that is solidifying my idea even more now!!! Also I want to put more birdhouses up in my yard sooooo luv the ones you did!!! I also am doing a bottle tree...or two...And last but now least I have to say I love your iris beside your pond...lovely! AND What is the name of that clematis...as I inherited the same one when I bought this place and wanted to know more about it(I have never had clematises before and want to know how to take care of them...) I can hardly wait to see your place in Oct, when Klinger and I head down there!!! I'm trying to be a mini You!!!lol!

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I went back to your photo site today and got an eyeful of wonderful! Your studio is so colorfully bright and inspiring! I love the slate welcome stone, and you've done another wonderful garden stick. All that and my all-time-favorite pagoda too! Oh, how I wish I could come to your garden and experience it all! Thank you for all the wonderful updates to your site.

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Flag...over on 'mosaicartistsorg', they're looking for people to post pictures of their studios and a list of questions, that some have, to get themselves set up, for mosaicing..

of course, I thought about you, with the bright colored and shelves of supplies you have...
you just may be the difference, in someone getting into the mosaics or not...
check it out, if you aren't already connected with them.....


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