where the heck would I store it??

aka_strawberrygoatMay 2, 2009

I sorta wish I hadn't gone to the "Restore"..recycled building supply warehouse...I was only looking for a few pieces of plain white tiles. I wanted to make a small mural, by using porcelain paint on them, then firing them in the kiln and putting a simple wood frame around it.

but.....along the way, in there, I spotted the shelves of grout...so many bags and bags of it.

a sale going on with supplies..




I bought 4 of the 10# bags but this morning, I was wondering if maybe I should go back and pick up a few more.

but where am I going to stuff them?

in the linen closet?..where one whole shelf has part of my collection of oil lanterns...

there's not a single towel, sheet or any linens in there!

it's tempting, though.....

I wish I was just pumping out the mosaics but that just isn't the case.

and there's the county fairgrounds, that are having a huge, huge sale/rummage/garage/yard...I'm for sure staying away from that!..I'd get myself in trouble there...

it's only 10am...I have some decisions to make. dammmmit.

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LOL It sure does take a lot of restraint to pass up a good deal when you find one. I have done it a few times. Sometimes I'm ok with it, others I could kick myself for not buying the good deal. Decisions, decisions, oh my. Can't help you with this one.

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I have the space just not so lucky with finding the deals!!!! LOL...I would love to find such deals but their far and few between here....I too love the garage and yard sales...

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