Found cabinet on curb

tia_dianeOctober 2, 2006

Hi! First time on Trash to Treasures site.

I found this cabinet by the curb and made my husband pick it up for me. I don't think it's a china cabinet because it looks like someone cut the legs down on the bottom part and the top cabinet looks like it was hanging somewhere. Anyways, I'm putting one on top of the other. It will be a great place to store all my paints for my craft room.

I thought I would paint it since it has a lot of dings, marks, and looks pretty worn. A good coat of paint should wake it up a bit. Any ideas on what else I can do to make it pop.

I will be working on it and will post a picture when completed.

Okay, well, I just felt like sharing since I was so proud of finding something free. YAHOOO!!!!!!!

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Great find! I really love the top cabinet - I would have a hard time just using it to store paints in! Does it have a mirror in front? Shelves inside? I would be tempted to take out the mirror and insert glass there, then show off some of my many collectables.

Paint definately, then maybe antique lightly with some watered down paint or stain and then add new hardware (or paint the old stuff with a metallic paint - I can't tell what it looks like in the photo).

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Hi Lydia, thanks for the ideas. I like the antique idea the best. The top has glass in front and it does have shelfs. The hardware on the doors are brass so if I polish them up hopefully they'll look good. All the boys (4) are gone now and I turned one of the bedrooms into my craft/painting room. They're going to flip when they come home to visit. Tee Hee.

BUT, you know, I like the idea of showing off some of my collectables in it. HUMMMM. Decisions, decisions.

I should be done painting it today. I'll post the finished project in a couple of days when it dries. Or should I say, when I decide where to put it.

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I was thinking the same thing Lydia was! Girl, you got somethin' good! Show that thang off! LOL

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Those cut outs on the on the bottom doors are just screaming for mosaics!

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Des_arc_ya_ya, thanks for the incouragment.
And Techsupport8, the mosaics idea is great. If only I knew how to do that. I'll have to study up on it. Any websites I should go to to learn the methods?

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Wow! That is a good find! Lucky you! Love the idea of painting it and then antiquing it a bit. Are you going to paint the inside also? That would tie it all together. That is a great storage piece for your craftroom--no matter what you store in it! Congrats! Luvs

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I believe the bottom part is a buffet.

I've been watching for one....I have always wanted one. My aunt that raised me had one when we were just little. Brings back memories.


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What did you decide to do with it? We'd love to see photos!

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that top piece really is a very old piece of furniture

If I had found it, I would have liked to take all the paint off and see what kind of wood it is made of

Perhaps it is pine but could be something else.
It is quite a nice piece of furniture

First time I have ever looked at this site, as opposed to looking at the gardening forums, fairly often

Will keep watch to see what you do with this piece.


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