Can't see the 'annoyed' thread

ashley1979May 12, 2011

Can anyone see it? When I click on it, the page tells me it can't be displayed. I can see other threads, though.

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Myfam and I both posted in it within the last hour or so. I just looked in it and can see it. Give it another try. Don't know if it is possible or not, but do you have maybe a 'protector' on your computer blocking certain words/topics? There is some talk in there about a female upper body. My library has such a protection on their community computers to block areas with keywords unless the library turns it off.

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Oh,'s probably the stupid firewall here. I guess I'll have to read when I get home :(

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Which means I'm probably the one that typed the words that offended my firewall. Crap!

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