Question about dremel tools

wishdishMay 15, 2009

My sister told me that a gift I gave her, a frame, got bumped and was falling off a shelf and the person who caught it cut his hand. So now I'm thinking I need to be taking off any points on my work. I mainly use plates and dishes, so I have some bumpy surfaces. I do like the look, but of course don't want my work to draw blood! I've read that many use the dremel tools for this purpose. I'm just wondering - how else might I use the dremel tool in mosaic work? Can it be used for cutting things like cups in half and such? I'm trying to justify getting one!

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I use mine a lot ! I do cut cups, ceramic flowers off of figr.I have a place you can buy bits an diemend saws and bits on line.It realy comes in handy .I also drill holes I love mine I have 3 by my work erea.That said you can also use a fingernail file the very ruuf one will work .I have used it on glass also.

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You can also use a tumbler. It makes the edges nice, but I'm always in too big a rush to use mine. I have a small one for glass, but never use it anymore. A large tumbler for dish shards w/be nice. I've read you can use an ice cream freezer - tilted on it's side for tumbling. I think FLAG uses her concrete mixer for large amounts of shards.

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