Styrofoam Balls

jaydee_growerMay 21, 2009

This is a great site, enjoy reading the questions and comments. My question is could a styrofoam ball be covered with cement and then be mosaiced? (Using the same method as was described using a dodge ball) I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Definitely and you don't have to use the scrim because the styrofoam ball will not be removed.....unless you are using a pretty big ball. Just smear the cement mixture on the ball. Hope this helps. If you can, please take pics of the process and let us know how it's going.

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Thank you serenseen, I appreciate your response. Just one other question, would I be able to leave these outdoors? I've just started doing mosaics. Right now I'm working on a little table.I would try and take some pics when I start working on the balls. Thanks again.

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If you use the right adhesive, I dont see why not. also there is a product called rigid wrap you could use to cover the balls instead of cement...Im not real sure about the outside part though with that.

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I have done this and what I did is I used the dry wall tape with the holes in it .It is like a meash .Then use thinset on the ball and layerd the tape and ts .I did one good layer then put a thin coat over it all .The put my tess on with ts.Been out side for a while do good.I hope you understand this.

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I sure appreciate your answers and nanatricia I understood your explanation. Thank you.

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