You know what gets my inspirational juices flowing? A Deadline!

silvamaeMay 8, 2013

My friend Annii is hosting another Open House on June 22 to showcase her creations plus mine and hopefully others as well. She's like me; she needs an outlet because she loves making stuff. So -- in order to make myself get busy -- I said Yes -- now I need to finish up Torso Woman and get busy with some smaller stuff.

What sold the most last time were mosaic pitchers, watering cans, and bottles. I have lots of interestingly shaped liquor bottles plus I love those cute little round Martinelli apple juice bottles and I have one great jelly jar, so I am now working on a Deadline! Oh and by the way, I ordered the Apoxie Sculpt. Still waiting on an Austin gallery to discover me . . .

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Sounds exciting! I expect we will be seeing a lot of projects from you in the next month while you build up your stock!!!
Hope you do well again this time and sell lots of stuff!

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Thanks! I've been working on the torso today, determined to finish it before I do anything else, but I'm thinking about future projects.

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Oh oh oh - looks like SILVA has her inspiration back. Yeeeeeeeeaaaah for you, girlie. I might not be far behind you. I've used the Apoxie Sculpt a little bit. You're gonna love it. I've started work on my door panels. Juan can't sand them until week after next, so it w/be awhile b/f I can prepare the door for the canvases, but at least I have the Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) for the images I'm collecting. Also have a few clay pieces ready. Going to Dallas today for Grand's college graduation tomorrow. Just when I think I am ready to work, a trip or company pops up. **sigh***.

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oooh I want pictures!!! I am trying to see a deadline too,,, making a body of work for a fall studio tour where I teach... I thought I might be good bu with House on the Hill sold I'm feeling like I need to offer several small pieces in its place for the tour....then I went ahead and jumped in on a corroborative mural project and that's needing to get done 1st

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