Lamp shade...pitch or reuse?

nadastimerOctober 1, 2004

I recently replaced a lampshade on a lamp in our bedroom. The inside plastic stuff is yellowed and started to crack and break off. I had this lamp shade back when I was about 8 and I can't tell you how old it was it's at least 16 years old! I can't bring myself to throw it out. I keep thinking it could be used for SOMETHING. Any ideas? I thought about taking the plastic stuff out but isn't that what makes the shade safe and the fabric next to the bulb wouldn't be a great idea?



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i am rite now in the middle of turning one into a pillar candle chandlier. turn upside down and place plate on the smaller end. embellish with prisms and vintage necklaces. place pillar on plate and hang by wire chain.
sherree. i will probably have mine finished next week and will post a pic.

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I have one that someone wrapped in lace from top to bottom. You can no longer see how awful the orginial shade looked. I always use a low wattage bulb in it to be safe.

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Okay I'm being a little goofy here.....What if you sprayed or painted something clear on the shade to make it weatherproof? Then take some kind of semi-tall limb or fat dowel rod and stand it up in one of your flowerbeds, Put the shade on it so that it looks like some kind of outdoor lamp. Okay I am going back to my game playing...or was it housecleaning....SHOULD be house cleaning! lol

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unlike the fancy sewn-silk-lined shades, the plastic-or-paper with fabric over it shades are farily easy to rehab.

the actually sell lampshade backing here and there- or you can use mylar, or even heavy rice paper (or cardstock, if you're not looking for a translucent shade) with fabric spray-glued to it.

remove the old shade carefully, and use it to make an exact copy. make up the new panel, and use clothes pins to hold it on the rings while the glue is setting, then use bias tape or grosgrain ribbon to trim the top and bottom :)

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