RECIPE: freezing tofu??

lilgemOctober 30, 2006

Can I freeze cooked tofu "meatballs"

Will freezing cooked tofu ruin the texture/taste?

I plan to serve in 3 days.

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This is way too late to help you -- did you freeze the meatballs? Did they turn out ok? Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I freeze tofu all the time. It does change the texture somewhat (makes it more chewy) but doesn't ruin it, to my thinking. In fact, I kind of prefer the texture of frozen tofu and will sometimes freeze it then thaw it before I use it. I don't know how the meatballs would be, depends on what else is in them, but I'd think that would be fine. A lot of the "fake meat" products on the market have tofu in them and they're frozen.

For what it's worth, food with tofu in it usually keeps really well, so if you planned to serve them in three days they might not need freezing.

If you see this let me know how things worked out!

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Can you give me your receipe for tofu meatballs please??


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