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sanOctober 26, 2001

hi! i'm looking for some sites that you folks have found to be helpful to you. due to cholesterol, we need to make additional changes to our diet. i was hoping that cutting back on cheese, using products such as "egg beaters" and buying skim milk would be enough, but it hasn't been. i don't wish to insult or upset anyone but frankly, i am not yet ready to give up meat but we obviously need to cut back on that as well. so we are hoping to find some sites that will give us a decent selection of things that are "filling" but better alternatives that aren't loaded with fat. macaroni and cheese, cauliflower with cheese sauce and fettucini alfredo are all wonderful tasting, but clearly they aren't good for us...we really enjoy most vegetables with few exceptions (such as brussel sprouts, okra and beets) but haven't yet learned how to make them more of a main course dish. we do enjoy both pasta and rice, but again, many of my old recipes call for a fair amount of butter, cheese and/or cream. so, for any of you who used to resemble us, what ideas for recipes or cooking sites would you recommend for us? TIA!

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All those things you mention can be altered to be lower in fat, it's not that hard. I make pasta dishes all the time and they don't have to be made with the cream, butter and cheese that you mention. If you're used to that taste, it's going to take some time for you to adjust, however, I've always eaten low fat so it's no big deal to me. Also you don't have to buy Egg Beaters, which I believe are expensive, when using egg whites will do the same thing (and is essentially what EB are with food coloring added).

I have listed a few sites that may help you. I don't usually visit websites, but have these bookmarked for reference. I have my standby recipes and my cookbooks that I use, but there are some good recipes here that might help you out. Since I can't list them all for you to simply click on, you'll just have to cut and paste. :-)

This site I do love, and I own Michael's cookbook:




*I'm not a full fledged vegetarian, but buying leaner cuts of meat will help you reduce your cholesterol and be better for you. Also eating chicken and fish is better than red meat (of which I eat very little of). Do a websearch for 'low fat cooking'. You'll come up with a ton of sites to visit. Good luck.

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Here's a great health & nutrition site w/ a food section too.Check out the"conditions" section for all kinds of lifestyle/nutrition info...

Here is a link that might be useful: Healthwell.com

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thanx very much! i appreciate your thoughts as well as the sites!

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You might try some of the recipe sites for Indian Cooking. There are a lot of recipes for curried vegetable and rice dishes and there is so much flavour that you do not miss the meat. I am not a vegetarian either so if a recipe calls for water I usually use chicken or beef broth for extra flavour. Try this site or do a search on Google asking for curry recipes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curry recipes

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