oil base stain and polyurethane

painteddragonOctober 16, 2006

I was going to throw out my old 70's style maple kitchen set but desided to try and update it instead. I painted the chair spindles and table base a hunter green now I want to stain the seat and table top darker and poly it. I have a can of oil base gel stain and a can of poly can the 2 be used together or do I need to get a water base stain to use with the poly? thank you in advance, Linda

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They Poly should tell you on it what it's safe for. I belive Poly can be used over whatever you want to use it on with no problems, though.

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Oil base stain NEEDS oil based Poly.. Otherwise it's like oil & water mix.. don't work.. Have fun!!

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Boy oh boy did I get lucky!! I was in the dollar store today picking up a few things and desided to look in the paint to see if they had a water base stain. they didn't but they had one step in mahogany just the color I wanted! grabbed it quick and headed home. It went on so easy wasn't much harder then washing the table top would have been and I simply love it. It dosen't look like the same old set at all I wish I had a pic to post. I am so proud of myself I could just burst...lol,Linda

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Glad it all worked out in the end!! Congrats!!

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No you CAN put water- based poly over oil-based stain. The stain just has to be fully dry first (3-4 days). The problem you are thinking of is mixing oil-based and water-based PAINT.

The only thing is that oil-based poly does hold up longer than water based.

Painteddragon, are you talking about Minwax's Polyshades? I used that about two years ago on my dresser and what a difference! I totally stripped it first but I keep reading about how wonderful PolyShades is over other finishes. I may have to make a trip to Ace today. I have been DYING to refinish our kitchen table but I can't get it all outside to sand it down and strippers aren't working. Crossing my fingers!

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Sweets, the one I used is made by olympic.I have used the minwax one before they seem to work about the same.I went right over the old finish. I know its not thr right way to do it, but it looks great!

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