Are you the 'Doer', or the 'Idea Person'?

des_arc_ya_yaOctober 12, 2006

I just decided this morning that, in a lot of ways, I'm the "Idea Person"! I love to collect pictures/plans for neat stuff. I'm very well organized, love to look at them, etc. Very seldom do I bring them into existence!! LOL

If it's something that just HITS me, I gather up the "stuff" and do it. (Or coerce my DH into doing it or helping me!) The majority of the ideas, however, stay in a notebook and I just dream about them.

I need to get with somebody who is extremely "crafty" and share all my ideas with them.

What about you? "Doer" or "Idea Person"?

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I'm definately an "Idea Person". Too bad I can't sew or do decorative painting - I'd be doing a lot more projects! DH helps me with a lot of my projects since he does some woodworking and has the tools. He's always skeptical at first when I explain my latest idea, but he is always pleased with the end results!

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I'm both. I'm the idea person and the one who if it's going to get done has to do it.
I'm always putting something togethter or taking something apart to make what I want. I swear sometimes it's a disease.
Thing is I past it on to my about parental revenge! LOL

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Another idea person. It's a curse. I have a room full of crafting stuff I've kept for ideas. I rarely finish a project. If I get back to an idea I add so much extra stuff on, it's no longer the same project.

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I am another idea person--have collected way more patterns, pictures and lists of items to do than I will ever get done. Like you, it gives me pleasure just to pull them out and look at them--but I feel really great when I actually finish a project and bring an idea to life! Luvs

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Well, I'm both. I come up with ideas and then do it. If it's something I'm not REALLY keen on, then it won't get done. If it's something I need help with, well it will be done up to that point and then I bug DH for weeks to help finish!

Like last night he finally used his new drill bits to drill a hole in the top of a mason jar lid so I could make a soap dispenser! I can drill a hole, I just needed him to get the right size for me! A LOT cheaper than the $20 they sell for!

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I miss my husband and his help with my projects. He used to get so involved and excited. My biggest fan..... I was the idea person and the doer also, but he helped make it happen!

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((sistersunnie)) I am so sorry.

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I'm both, first the idea, usually from just looking at something or it pops in my head. I tell my sisters that "I see things." Then I'm the doer, but alot doesn't get done cause there is so much more to take care of first being I do it all by myself. Oh well, I have tons of things to look forward to is all, it's a good thing.


(To Sistersunnie - my condolences also.)

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