Let's get creative....what would YOU do here?

stacylhMay 5, 2013

I'm trying to decide whether or not to keep this bottom cabinet with open shelves (and granite top) in this location.

I'm trying to think of creative ideas that would make this plain end panel work. I'm thinking about doing some type of media center here (ipad dock, wireless stereo/intercom system, charging station, etc.) or doing something fun (chalkboard, white board, etc.) or even decorative (hanging a piece of artwork there).

Would love to hear your creative ideas about what you'd do here.

The little cabinet is not attached to anything yet because I'm not sure I even want to keep it there. If it does stay, it will scoot to the right next to wall.

(The backstory is that this cabinet was supposed to have been wider and had doors to HIDE my cookbooks, not display them.)

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Holly- Kay

How much space do you have between the pony wall and the end panel?

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I can't remember who did it - but they put a full height cookbook rack along the side of their oven - I thought it was ingenious.

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Are you open to having another cabinet built? Looks like a great spot for a broom closet. The bookcase cabinet looks too small there.

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There's 9" from the end panel to where the pony wall starts and 63" from the end panel to the end of the pony wall. The cabinet is 12" deep (trim has to be notched to slide it next to wall).

Here's a pic of the view from the main living area of the house.

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meek, that would be a great idea except I already have a space for the broom in the walk-in pantry.

I'd originally thought about putting a bulletin board there with a frame around it but, knowing myself, it would get cluttered very quickly.

I love the cookbook rack idea, but I don't have enough cookbooks to justify a full length one. If I keep the cabinet, I'll likely store my cookbooks on the bottom shelf and use the other for decorative pieces or as a shelf for charging electronics.

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Do it like a library magazine rack. Narrow dowels across the span that create slots to slide magazines or shallow cookbooks in. You could also have the bottom be conventional shelving for the bigger or deeper books.

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Holly- Kay

A2, that was Peke who did the beautiful book shelves by her great double oven.

If you have room you could do a diagonal floor to top of cab shelving unit. You could put teapots or collectibles on it.DH suggested to our kd that he finishes our end panel off taht way. DH wanted glass doors on it but kd said there wasn't room for doors but as far as I know a shelf is still planned for that space.

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Here is my book rack. We love it. It is 4" deep.

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as I was reading through this, I was thinking of controlfreakecs's book case...of course, I couldn't remember who it was that had it. And then, I scrolled down to the end and saw it posted!

I think this would be a very good idea for the space you have.

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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Love the book rack idea!!

I need to see how much my trim guy would charge to construct one....it may end up costing more than a finished end panel would have :)

Wine rack would be nice, too....hmmm.

Keep the ideas coming!!

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I would ditch the little cabinet and hang art work (or a mirror) on the end panel. I like for trim to have some 'breathing space'...much prefer having that bit of wall showing than to use up every last inch of space for storage, esp. given that you have a nice sized kitchen and don't really need the xtra storage.

Otherwise, I'd opt for a finished end panel vs dust & dog fuzz catchers like open shelves, cookbook rack, etc.

Owner of two inside/outside dogs...YMMV

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What a beautiful kitchen!
I would definitely consider a custom built-in/on cabinet.
Love the idea of the cookbook/mag rack.
Maybe combine the two ideas. A rack or two above a counter height slightly deeper open shelf. With a narrow pull-out shelf or two below that is tricked with docking cables. Mine fits my ipad mini and three phones. Not a drawer, just a hidden shelf that slides out. The shelf we use as an in/out spot for mail and a couple note pads, a few pens, keys.
Being shallow, it cannot get junky. No room. I do think a kitchen needs a designated 'dumping' ground to sort easily, then it can quickly move on to trash or where it belongs every day or three. Otherwise the kitchen counter gets the 'dumping' and the sorting. I dislike stuff and backpacks and mail on any kitchen counter...though island seating area i don't mind a laptop or newpaper spread out...i just need a place to quickly get it out of the way. If i get home late i need to see what mail came in. (no one is allowed to run off with my NewYorker, lol. I get it first)

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Maybe you can fit in small wine racks.


Or find slide in box or baskets to hide your cooking books.

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Love all the ideas!

Right now, I'm leaning toward just hanging artwork there and maybe get done type of vintage furniture in the future. I saw a really cool replica vintage pay phone on Joss & Main last week that I'm kicking myself for not getting :/

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That was the one- Control Freaks kitchen - thanks!

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I would put a low bar style cabinet, that is more porportional to the opening, under the pony wall.

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